Beauty Haul: Revolution, Elf and Morpe

ME – “Should I buy more makeup?” BRAIN – “No!” PURSE – “No!” BANKING APP – “No!” FAMILY – “No!” FRIENDS – “No!” POSTIE – “No!” BEAUTY STORAGE – “No!” NEXT DOOR’S CAT – “No!” UNIVERSE – “No!” ALSO ME – “I’m going to buy more makeup!”

Yep, that’s pretty much how the convo in my head goes. Every time. AND every time I reach the same conclusion! Life’s short, buy the damn makeup! Curate that collection girl, ya know you wanna. I DO! Hello, this is Entirely Beauty and I’m a beauty addict. There’s much worse things I could be πŸ˜‰ and besides what kind of beauty blogger would I be if I didn’t buy the damn makeup?

If all of that sounds familiar, if you’re a beauty addict too, then we share a passion and need to become BFFs (Beauty Friends Forever). πŸ˜‰

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Ok, with all that out the way, shall we dive in? There are purchases from THREE different brands to get through. I’ll deal with the haul in true ‘show and tell’ stylee, I’ll tell you what I bought, include photos and details for the items and give you my first impressions. Obviously, I’ll share all the related links and any other relevant information. So, grab a coffee, sit back, relax and let’s begin with…

Revolution Beauty: Six Product Purchase and FREE Mystery Bag

Revolution Pro and Reloaded products together with the contents of the FREE Revolution Mystery Bag

I’m deeply dippy bout drug store products and love shopping with Revolution Beauty online. I can loose myself for hours on their website; they usually have a load of stuff in, what seems to be, their on-going sale – so there are some fab bargains to tempt you AND they bring out new products on the regular too. Revolution offer you the chance to bag some pretty good beauty products at really affordable prices, the range is wide, varied and standard delivery is fairly quick too.

Revolution recently had a FREE Mystery Bag offer, I do tend to save my spends for when that happens (which is quite often). Basically, if you spend Β£35 or more, Revolution sends you a bag of goodies with your order. You don’t know what’s in the Mystery Bags until it arrives (unless you spy a spoiler online – which I didn’t), but it’s usually five products. The only downside is that ALL the bags are the same, so if you put in two orders (over the required value) you’ll end up with two identical mystery bags!

My Revolution Order


This lux and decadently decorated, gold, crystal and pearl encrusted palette was the reason for my haul – Sometimes the packaging sells it to me, this was a ‘Sometimes’. BUT, the shadows are bloody gorgeous, reminiscent of a Charlotte Tilbury palette. The shades are beautiful and I can’t wait to get them on my eyes!


In its satin and metalic gold, leopard print case, this lippy was dropped into my basket partly due to the packaging and also because I wanted a nice shade that’d enhance my tan and look good with the Diamonds and Pearl palette. Reveal, a deep, peach-nude, will do both.


Also bought to compliment the Diamonds and Pearl palette, but give a more dramatic look. Awaken is a berry/chocolate high-shine gloss, and I’m intrigued to see if I get any ‘results’ from the collagen, hyaluronic acid and peptides in this lush formula. Lovin’ the colour.

In the frame: The six products I purchased from Revolution.


Both of these I selected to complete the Diamonds and Pearl look I have in mind. The HIGHLIGHTER is rose gold with creamy swirls (I think it’ll do double duty by ending up on my eyes too) and the BLUSHER is just a shade darker than the lightest eyeshadow in the Diamonds & Pearl palette so it’ll make for a good co-ord. Both the blusher and highlighter are soft and buttery, similar to ‘Physician’s Formula’, and the gold/cream packaging is cute too.

REVOLUTION PRO: FOUNDATION DROPS – F6.5 Β£7 (currently reduced to Β£3.50)

The first of two foundations added to my collection in these hauls, I choose the shade F6.5, which is lighter than I was expecting but, with the addition of blush n bronzer I think I can make it work. (Fingers crossed). As the name suggests this is a thin, liquid foundation; from swatching it feels creamy and provides a soft-touch, medium coverage.




With a pink/purple/ colour story and a lovely mix of mattes and shimmers, I’m happy with my UNICORN nine pan palette. The shadows swatch beautifully and seem pretty pigmented. I’m looking forward to getting some unicorn looks on (minus the horn obvs).

I’m familiar with Revolution’s ‘Chocolate Bar’ palettes, but hadn’t got one in my collection, so again was super pleased to receive this, especially as it’s primarily a neutrals palette offering 16 pans of brown and gold shimmers. No, it doesn’t have any matte shades, but shimmers can be blended out to a matte type finish, so, on first impressions, this seems like it could be pretty versitile.

Mystery Bags are like a box of chocolates ya never known what you're gonna get!


I was pleasantly suprised to find this in the Mystery Bag, for one, it’s a fairly new product, for two – wow: banging champagne highlighter and for three I’m new to the whole jelly highlighter thang. (And late to this particular parday!) Once you get past the weird af consistency, this is actually a great highlighter.

REVOLUTION PRO: STIPPLING BRUSH worth Β£7 (currently reduced to Β£3.50)

You can never have enough brushes, right? So, this was a welcome addition in the FREEBIE selection too. Again, I seem to remember the Pro brushes being a fairly recent addition to the Revolution fam. The bristles are soft, they passed the ‘shedding test’ and is comfortable to hold. I’ve used this it picks up product brilliantly and applies great too. Impressed!

RREVOLUTION PRO: SATIN MATTE LIPSTICK worth Β£4 (currently reduced to Β£3)

Out the gate, apologies, I think the shade name was on the box and I binned it BEFORE making note. (Tut, tut.) Anyhoo, this formula feels so soft and light, she’s pigmented and is a gorgeous russet, wearable colour. (You can sometimes get odd coloured lippies in the Mystery Bags). Love it.

The entirely-beauty.com pleased-o-meter score Revolution 5 outta 5.

OK, so I had to spend over Β£35 I order to qualify for the FREE Mystery Bag, but at RRP I got Β£70.99 worth of products for my Β£36.99, and I would’ve ordered the products I chose anyway, so that’s a bargain. Everything arrived undamaged and on time. I’m really happy with everything I received and would definitely recommend shopping with REVOLUTION on line, especially if you love affordable makeup.


With the exception of the shade choice for the foundation (and that’s my bad, it can be hard to colour match on line) I am super pleased with everything from my actual order AND the Mystery Bag. I’ve had other bags in the past some of them contained a bit of an ODD assortment of products, but this one is, was more ‘put together’ by far, and so my fave bag to date!

The bag almost seemed to have been ‘curated’: I think the Golden Bar, Highlighter and Lipstick will, give a solid ‘co-ord’ look as they compliment each other perfectly. I also like how the bag’s ‘edit’, provided a show case of Revolution’s complete range. Good work Revolution, this Makeup Missy is very impressed!

E.l.f Seven Product Purchase and Two FREE gifts

A bunch of great buys from E.L.F cosmetics that came with two free gifts.

e.l.f. are currently offering two FREE GIFTS if you spend over Β£25 (when I shopped you could choose your two freebies from five different items). Did this sway me to buy? Not really, I’d seen a few good reviews of the Bite Size palettes and wanted them in the shades Pumpkin and Hot JalapeΓ±o, I also wanted to try their famous putty primer, so my order was part completed before I jumped online.

I’ve dabbled with e.l.f products in the past, but have never actually done a ‘purposed shop’. (That’s a haul for the purpose of satisfying my wants, inclusion in a haul blog and eventually trying, testing and reporting back to you guys). Obviously, while I was at e.l.f online I had to have a really good look at everything. πŸ˜‰ Which means some extra products found their way into my basket.

For a makeup lover, this is the stuff of which nightmares are made!

Unfortunately, when I opened my much anticipated e.l.f order, this is the scene of devastion that met my eyes! 😭 The shadows from the broken palette we’re all over the rest of the products and inside some of the packaging too! It took me over an hour to clean everything and my hands were stained by the time I finished.

Aint she beautiful though - the replacement was worth the wait.

As well as the breakage and mess, the shade Pumpkin in the Bite Size palettes was out of stock, which was disappointing. I requested an email alert for the restock but haven’t received anything as yet. Obviously, I contacted e.l.f. regarding the damaged palette and they duly sent out a replacement, which arrived intact. I was not, however, compensated for time spent on operation ‘clean up’.

My e.l.f order


As mentioned these are the palettes that caused this little haul! They’re so cute and due to their size take up like no storage space yet pack a punch! These four pan palettes didn’t fail to impress, the colour stories are beautiful, they all swatch beautifully and they are pigmented. How e.l.f. do it for just Β£3 is beyond me. Totally worth the coin.

JalapeΓ±o offers a dark (almost black) moss green, a pear-like green (both matte) a gorgeous green shimmer with gold reflects and a very sparkly, deep gold. The Acai You gives you a dark navy, a purple blue, (both matte) a bluesy, purple shimmer with silver reflects and a lilac blue. For small palettes they hold a lot of inspiration and a variety of uses. Impressive.


With lots of good reviews behind it, the e.l.f. Putty Primer was a must have!
The e.l.f. Putty Primer, with the Hot JalapeΓ±o and a Mascara Primer. Photo Entirely Beauty

An inexpensive, pore and complexion blurring, luminous primer that gives you soft and healthy looking skin whilst improving the look of your makeup. Uh huh, YES PLEASE! Nuff said.


This is where I went ‘off topic’; don’t judge me, OK? Having bagged the products I went to e.l.f for, I had a little (alright, alright, intensive) look-see which is when I spotted these two lovely bargains, snapped them both up and saved myself some money!

The mascara and primer were impulse buys but along side my other purchases contribute to a full face of NEW makeup, and, seriously, is there anything more exciting than having a totally different look from a variety of NEW stuff? Nah, didn’t think so. πŸ˜‰


The e.l.f Mascara, mascara primer, foundation serum and my FREE lipstick.
The packaged goods, showing the mascara wands, the shade of the FREE lipstick and the beautifully bare foundation serum. Photo – Entirely Beauty

At first I thought this was a kinda hybrid BB foundation, but my opinions changed as I’ve looked into foundation serum, recieved it and done a wide array of swatches. I’d say this product is a step up from either a BB or CC cream as it offers more coverage than the BBs or CCs that I’ve tried.

However this foundation serum isn’t, as the ‘beautifully bare’ descriptor points out, going to give you full coverage (medium when built up, YES, but not full.) BUT man is this special! A foundation that’s hydrating, moisturising and gives you a gorgeous, healthy complexion – gurl I’m living for it. Especially as it was price reduced too 😁 I’ll be getting more of this for sure!!

The prime and stay finishing powder is super soft and finally milled. I got this to bake my under eyes, but now we’ve met in person and I’ve discovered it has a lovely, lightweight formula and fresh finish it’ll work as an all over powder. Love it, if you’re in the market for a face powder – you should seriously consider giving this a shot!

The e.l.f. Freebies

From Top Left: ELF Blush & Bronze, Velvet Matte Lipstick (both FREE), ELF Foundation Serum, ELF Plump It Up Mascara, ELF Mascara Primer. Bottom Left: ELF Putty Primer, ELF Bite Size palette, ELF Prime and Stay Finishing Powder.

E.L.F. BLUSH & BRONZE – TURKS & CAICOS worth Β£5 and VELVET MATTE LIPSTICK – BERRY BORDEAUX worth Β£4.50 (currently reduced to Β£2.25)

The Blush and Bronze was a good choice: The blush is a light pinky, brown shade with some gold reflects, perfect for fresh-faced summer looks, whilst the bronzer is a lovely, matte milk chocolate, that will add some colour and warmth. The pans are pretty large and there’s a mirror in the compact too. I like the matte black packaging and it’s a great handbag size.

The packaging of the Velvet Matte Lippy matches that of the Blush and Bronze. Berry Bordeaux is, as the shade name suggests a rich, deep red, wine colour and has a soft sheen to it. The formula is nice too – smooth and from swatching, it has a long lasting creamy finish.

Whilst I was pleased with everything I recieved e.l.f lost smiley faces for the broken palette, the messy products I had to clean and for the Bite Sized Pumpkin palette (still) being out of stock. That said, I am impressed with the quality & price points of the range and once I’ve tried and tested everything I’m sure I will be returning to e.l.f. to buy more, particularly the Bite Size Palettes, the lippies and that lovely foundation serum!

In total I spent Β£26.75 with e.l.f but actually received Β£44 (at rrp) worth of products thanks to reductions and the two freebies, which is good value for money in any makeupers eyes! Hopefully any future deliveries will arrive in one piece and that lovely Pumpkin palette will in nestled in among my other shadow palettes soon.

Morphe 3 (7?) Product Purchase

Gotta say Morphe confuses me. This was my first purchase from them and despite my confuzled state, I will probably shop with Morphe Online again. Why am I Morphe-discombobulated? Well, maybe you can help me? Are they drug store or higher end? Ya see, they do have some very affordable (drug store) products, but then they price some items outta reach of most folks?

I don’t get it, but I did get 3 very different products, although they ARE all makeup, to play with, test out and report back to you guys about, but for now, here’s my first impressions of my Morphe haul.

At time of writing Morphe are not offering any freebies (boo hoo 😭) but they are giving FREE shipping on orders over Β£20. I found the website to be a bit odd too, some things you really have to search for. My order did arrive quite quickly, everything was well packaged and undamaged. Although there were no ‘on site’ reductions at Morphe, I did score 10% cashback via my bank, which is a bonus!

My Morphe Order

MORPHE X JEFFREE STAR ICONIC NUDES LIP COLLECTION (3 x Lip Gloss – Star Crown, Slurp & First Impressions and 2 x Liquid Lip – Leo & Mannequin) Β£24

Yeah, he’s controversial. No, I don’t stan. Yes, I wish he’d adjust his moral compass. BUT, I’ve been wanting to try Jβ˜† for a while and I placed my order before Dramageddon II hit our screens. Given how quickly everything he drops sells out and/or continues to be popular, I want to know if his products are worth all the hype.

  • LEOA milk chocolate, matte nude, opaque liquid lip that dries down quickly to a soft look finish with minimum transfer.
  • MANNEQUIN – As above except this one is a delicious soft pink, light peach/brown matte nude liquid lip.
  • FIRST IMPRESSIONS – a clear, wet look, slightly tacky (but not uncomfortably so) high-shine, transulcent lip gloss.
  • SLURP – a champagne coloured, wet look, metalic lip gloss with glitter reflects and a molton gold, lush finish.
  • STAR CROWN – a pale brown, wet look nude lip gloss with pink undertones and a semi-translucent finish.


It may seem I’m courting controversy with this purchase too, I’m not! Jaclyn may have brewed enough tea to sink a tanker full of hairy lipsticks, but it was the colour story that drew me into this palette, I lost myself in the 10 pans and it was in my basket before you could say check out!

You might already know that I love orange eyeshadow; Armed and Gorgeous boast FOUR of ’em (Access, Agent, Smooth Criminal – a deep burnt orange brown and Secure, all mattes)- but they are not the only fruit. There’s a magpie attracting white silver (VIP – metalic ) a light gold (Gilt Trip – metalic) a deep, yellow gold (Coin – metalic) an amazing, dark khaki green (Top Secret – matte) plus a deep bronze gold (Classified – metalic).

When I spotted this palette I knew I’d use it a lot, would have fun with it and was immediately inspired. I’ve swatched them all, they’re pigmented, work well together, look pretty and I cant wait to start creating looks that are Armed and Gorgeous!


With two collabs in the basket, I decided I would go for a straight up Morphe product for my last purchase and went for this bronzer-countour combo. Then contour is a bit on the warm side, but I’m not made about it. The bronzer is a warm, peachy hue with a lovely sheen and I can see me reaching for this on the regular.

Of the three purchases Jaclyn’s palette is my fave, but the lippies and brontour are running a close, joint second. I had a good shopping experience, love what I selected and am looking forward to shopping with Morphe again, though I might keep a look out for some discounts or sales.

Am I pleased with my purchases? Abso-tutely! Will I get use out of everything? Damn straight! Do I think this was money well-spent and value for coin? Yep, indeedy. Do these brands provide a good, on line service and delivery? Considering all the extra safeguards due to Covid 19 that these brands must have in place I think (except for the broken palette from e.l.f) the answer to that is a resounding YES! Would I recommend shopping with these brands to y’all – of course I would!

So, what do you think of my haul? Do any of these products interest you – which ones? Have you shopped with these brands before – if so what did you get? What brands/products are haul-worthy in your eyes? Drop your answers and any other thoughts in the comments. If you have any questions or want more info, please, just ask, I’m happy to help.

As always, thanks for reading, hope you found this haul blog post useful and if you’d like more haul posts to cast your beauty eyes over – I’ve linked them below, with some other useful links for you to explore. Until next time, take care and see you soon.

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Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and all opinions expressed herein are my own. NONE of the links included in this post are affiliate links. All information derived from outside sources/research was correct at time of publication.


Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: Beguile Beauty Box

In case it's not already apparent I am a total beauty junkie and this text image, with the help of Mr Wilde, sums me up! Beauty is my  passion and that's what drives my blog.

I made myself a promise, at the beginning of this year, that I would try a variety of different Beauty Subscription Boxes so I could give you a heads up on what’s out there and help you decide which boxes are worth your coin.

I love unboxing my sub boxes, trying everything and giving you guys the lowdown. As well as my lowdown, I’m gonna include all the relevant info about this ‘New to Me’ Box and review the products, then you’ll hopefully know if this is a box you wanna sub to. I’ll also throw in some ‘about’ stuff and any relevant links. ENJOY!

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The Beguile Beauty Box

Introducing a ‘NEW to EB’ Subscription Box

Ya know how it is, one minute you’re innocently scrolling through Instagram and the next you’re signing up to a subscription box. (Or is that just me???) Anyhoo, that’s how and where I discovered Beguile Beauty Box, I hopped over to their lovely, easy to navigate website, was suitably impressed by everything and signed up. My first box (May 2020) duly arrived shortly after.

Beguile Beauty Box Unboxing, review & info at entirely.beauty.com

The Beguile Beauty Box ‘Box’

When my Beguile Beauty Box arrived I felt that usual rush of anticipation: would it be as good as I hoped it would? You can tell a lot about a new beauty subscription from the actual box and packaging. A beauty box should be an eye pleaser – afterall it (hopefully) contains things of beauty! The box should either be a ‘keeper’ – one that looks good and can be repurposed OR recycled. Even though the Beguile Box has a lovely aesthetic, with an on-brand pink, white and black design, for me, not a keeper, but I’ve recycled the box and packaging.

Who are Beguile Beauty?
Are you ready for a luxurious beauty subscription box?

About Beguile Beauty

β™‘ Beguile Beauty are a luxury, monthly, beauty box subscription service offering a variety of ‘plans’ and they deliver a specially curated, suprise edit of products to your door each month. I didn’t see any spoilers either so the contents were a complete suprise and that, my beauty friends, makes for a fun unboxing!

β™‘ Beguile Beauty boxes are only shipped within the UK but postage and packaging is FREE.

β™‘Currently you can receive 20% OFF your first subscription box by joining their mailing list and taking out a 3 month subscription. Obviously you’ll also receive the Beguile Beauty Box Newsletters once you’re on the list.

Beguile Beauty Past Boxes

There’s a year’s worth of past boxes to view on the Beguile Beauty Website and I’d definitely recommend having a look at them.

The past boxes were THE DEAL MAKER for me – here’s why:

  • VALUEthe boxes’ value ranged from Β£65 – Β£121!
  • BRANDS CiatΓ©, Dior, Benefit, Mac, Tarte, Jeffree Star – THUD! (That’s the sound of some serious beauty brand name dropping!) Surface scratched: There’s been a shed ton more big named products in the past boxes!
  • PRODUCTS – past examples include eyeshadow palettes, lip products, nail polish, eyelashes, eye & lip pencils, skin care and brushes.
  • USEABILITYI checked out ALL the past boxes and couldn’t find a single product or brand that I wouldn’t be excited to receive by or be able to use!!

Did someone say ‘Full Sized Products’?

The contents of the Beguile Beauty Box for May 2020 - full review at entirely-beauty.com
All the products in the Beguile Beauty Box are FULL SIZED! Photos/image: Entirely Beauty

The Beguile Beauty Box contains FIVE FULL SIZED PRODUCTS each month and it’s the absence of ‘sample’, ‘deluxe minis’ & ‘travel’ sizes, together with those big beauty brand names that, for me, makes Beguile Beauty Box a LUXURY subscription!

Beguile Beauty Box Comparisons & Info Recap

Is a blog even a blog without an infograph?

The price of the box DOES reflect the fact that you get full sizes and well known, reputable brands.

Β£35 is double what you’d pay for some other beauty boxes, such as Look Fantastic or Latest In Beauty. However, most boxes (these two examples included) have samples and minis, whereas Beguile Beauty Box doesn’tit’s full size all the way, baby.

Beguile Beauty Box is around Β£20 less than the more comparable Fab Fit Fun. FFF boxes contain 7-8 full sized products, but includes ‘lifestyle’ products, whereas Beguile Beauty Box is all Beauty!

Food for thought – hopefully that’ll help you decide if Beguile Beauty Box is good fit for YOU!

Beguile Beauty Box – Inside The Box (May 2020)

Based on my research for this blog post, the surprise element, contents, product use and my first impressions of my first Beguile Beauty Box, this IS a good fit for me! And talking of the products – let’s get into those all important beauty goodies!

Oh K Clay Cleansing Beads - reviewed by entirely-beauty.com

Oh K! Chok Chok Cleansing Clay Beads

These are different, look like a jar of sweeties πŸ˜‰ and I was excited to try them cos Oh K! do some cracking skin care products!

These beads claim to purify and clarify the complexion by deep cleaning the skin with just one bead!

Yes, they do look a bit gimmicky, but I loved my deep clean AND could see and feel a difference after use. My skin did actually look clearer, felt clean and super soft to the touch, and YES, you do only need one bead!

Morphe Lip Crayon reviewed by entirely-beauty.com

Morphe Lip Crayon

I got my Morpe Crayon in the shade Lylas which is a gorgeous pinky, brown colour. The formula is rich, matt, but creamy and I found its staying power was great! I’m going to get me some more of these crayons in different shades! Thanks for the intro Beguile.

The Real Techniques 424 adjustable blushers brush reviewed by entirely-beauty.com

Real Techniques Blusher Brush (424)

Not only is the RT424 brush retractable, but it’s adjustable too, with 3 different settings that allow you to switch your application up or down. I’ve used it, I love it and also discovered it makes for a good bronzing & contour brush as well!

Skinny Tan Instant Tenner reviewed by entirely-beauty.com

Skinny Tan Instant Tanner

Gotta say the old panic levels went up a bit when I first looked at this Instant Tanner cos it’s very dark and I’m naturally fair.

BUT, it actually gives the skin a gorgeous, natural, bronzed effect, smells like coconut and my skin felt silky too.

The Balm Eyeshadow Stick reviewed by entirely-beauty.com

The Balm Eyeshadow Stick

The Balm Eyeshadow in slugger is a very buttery, slightly iridescent, soft, dark plum, cream shadow.

It applies like a dream, is bendable, stays in place and is great both as a full eye look (with other shadows), a quick one and done, or as a soft look liner.

Is Beguile Beauty Box worth the £££?

I do feel the cost of this box is justified. The prices given here were taken from the Beguile Beauty Box website, BUT I did a price check for each product and the RRPs given by Beguile were spot on, which is reassuring.

I feel that some thought went into this edit: There’s a great (and unusual) cleanser to help prep your skin for the other goodies. The lip pencil and shadow stick compliment each other wonderfully. The brush deals with more than blusher and it’s adjustable precision allows for faster application (like the lip pencil and shadow stick) and if you ARE really in a hurry, you can even have an instant, healthy bronze tan, without the bother of waiting for it to develop, with the Skinny Tan.

And in other Beguile Beauty Box ‘News

β˜† A LπŸ‘€K BTS β˜†

After receiving my box and trying everything, I did my research for this post and found a couple of really negative YouTube videos about the Beguile Beauty Box. To be honest I’m glad I didn’t see them before I subbed, because those videos would’ve definately put me off!

This is one of the reasons I don’t watch or read reviews BEFORE subbing to boxes (or buying products*) that way I’m an unbiased consumer, my reactions and reviews are authentic and my resulting content gives you guys my HONEST take.

Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinions and subscription box contents ain’t gonna please everyone all the time! That said I believe that bloggers and tubers shouldn’t be overtly negative and subjective as that doesn’t actually help those who are reading or viewing. Those two negative, subjective, videos being a point in case!

That’s not to say if I have a negative response or service I wouldn’t be honest about it, because I would! BUT, I would be objective and put things into context, because to do otherwise would be doing you guys a disservice. In fact, in my next post, (I did me a haul!) something wasn’t PERFECT, but I’m not gonna throw shade, call the company out for ‘calling out’ purposes or spill supposed tea. I’ll be honest, give the problem context and tell you how it was resolved.

Had I seen those videos first I would have missed out on what I’ve honestly found, based on my first box, to be a great subscription with products I’m really excited and pleased to have received.

The Beguile Beauty Box, for me, represents great value for money. The products inside the box, all five full size of them, total Β£65.99, and yet, the subscription only costs Β£35. The maths is a no brainer.

Beguile Beauty Box review by entirely-beauty.com
Is the Beguile Beauty Box worth the Β£35 sub price? Phtot/Image Entirely Beauty

My final thoughts.

They warned me I would be. And I totally am – Beguilled that is! I genuinely love everything I received in my first box, am already looking forward to my next Beguile Beauty Box and I’m excited to use and experiment with these products some more too.

Unboxing Beguile was a great experience as everything was a real suprise and not knowing what’s in the box – well it’s like receiving a gift (from me to me with love from Beguile), fun times!

Obviously, the REAL value of a beauty subscription is not necessarily about how much it costs, or how much you save. It comes down to whether the subscription box rings your beauty bell, if YOU can use the products (would they work for you, are they the right shade etc.) and there’s also that necessary element of being introduced to brands and products you might otherwise not get around to trying.

If you haven’t already guessed – My bell is well and truly rung. πŸ””

My only complaint – Beguile also offer self care boxes, as a one off purchase, that contain 15 fab products, with a value of Β£150, for Β£50. I would have loved to have tried and reviewed this for you too, because it looks bloody marvellous and right up my street! Unfortunately for me (and you guys), they’re sold out!! (If ya listen carefully you can hear my tears of disappointment dripping like rain in a puddle). 😒

Anyhoo, has Beguile Beauty Box, my review and the box’s contents rung your bell too? I’d love to know your thoughts! Is this a subscription box you want to try? Are you already subbed to Beguile Beauty Box – if so what do you think? IS Beguiled Beauty Box a luxury box that’s worth the coin? Did any of you get your hands on the self care box? Whatever you’re thinking, drop your thoughts and/or questions in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, box clever, take care and click my way again soon!

πŸ’‹ Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

For more information about The Beguile Beauty Box and/or to subscribe go to ➑️➑️➑️ The Beguile Beauty Box Website ⬅️⬅️⬅️

* I do buy products that I’ve seen other influencers use in their videos, or that content creators have highlighted on Insta etc., and obviously know about these products before I get my hands on them, but that doesn’t stop me being objective or giving you my own, honest thoughts and opinions.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and all opinions expressed herein are my own. NONE of the links included in this post are affiliate links. All information derived from outside sources/research was correct at time of publication.

Meanwhile, over on my Instagram …


Palette Wars: Round One

How THIS happened: From weird thoughts to blog.

I was looking over (and by that I mean lovingly admiring) my eyeshadow palette collection and I realised that I’ve got too many shadow palettes. (Just kiddin’ – ‘too many’ are words that DO NOT feature in a Beauty lover’s vocab – right? πŸ˜‰) Of the eyeshadow palettes I own, there’s a lot of Revolution and quite a few of those are influencer x Revolution collabs.

πŸ€”Thoughts only a beauty addict could haveπŸ€”

This got me to thinking and a-wondering which of the collab palettes, in my collection, would come out on top, to reign supreme over the Kingdom of Entirely Beauty if there was a War of the Palettes. That, my friends is, in a nutshell, what brings me and this blog post to you. (And also has me questioning what the fraggle makes my mind have such random thoughts πŸ€”)

The ring is roped off and I’ll referee; the first two influencers will step into the ring, clutching their beloved collab palettes in their boxing gloved hands and the journey to discover which Revolution collabin’ creator will emerge from the ring to take the title of King or Queen of the collab palettes starts right here.

This journey will take us through a series of beauty battle knockouts, in which the two selected palettes will be pitted against each other in a fight to the DEATH!

Palette War has been declared!

Well, OK, not to the death – that’s a bit over dramatic! But Palette Wars will part the makeup wheat from the eyeshadow chaff, round one’s surviving collaboratorative palette will live to fight another day, in a later round and battle against a different, equally worthy opponent.

Round One of Palette Wars and the opponents are Soph and Emily and their respective palettes.
Round One of Palette Wars: Extra Spice V The Needs. Photo/Imagery Entirely Beauty.

I’ll review of each palette for you, I’ve used them both (a lot) in readiness for this Battle of Blogsworth, so I’m able to answer the questions you’ll probably have, including: Which palette has the best packaging and which represents good value for money? Is there any fallout or kick back? Are the shades pigmented? Does the colour story make sense? Are they ‘look’ inspiring palettes? And so on.

If I don’t answer YOUR question here, drop your question(s) in the comments and I’ll respond as quick as I can. 😁 Also, as this is Round One of the ‘Collaborators x Revolution Palette Wars’ I’ll include some background on Revolution, for those who may not be familiar with the brand. In each round, starting with this one, we’ll learn (X-factor stylee) the back story of each new opponent together, I’ll include their palette launch videos, the usual useful links, together with application tips and ideas on how to use the palettes.

If all of this sounds like your Jam, chances are you’ll love the overall vibe here at Entirely Beauty! It’d be great if you showed this post some love by liking, sharing and commenting and if you want to join the EB Fam you’re invited πŸ‘ RSVP right here⬇️ 😁

Collaborators Ready? Palettes Ready?

Are YOU ready?

Entering the ring first is a makeup guru, influencer, YouTuber and collaborator, in the red corner, all the way from the U S of A – weighing in with almost 13 years of tubing experience and lots of solid makeup knowledge it’s …


Emily's ready for Entirely Beauty'sPalette Wars, are you?

Emily is in her 30s, married to Tyler (since 2006) and they have three children: Bella, Eve and Rhett.

Prior to becoming a full time tuber, Emily was a news anchor. She is a complete make up nerd, genuine, wholesome, fun & great to watch.

Next to step into the ring is a UK influencer and YouTuber who weighs in with many brands collabs and 6 years of tubing experience under her belt – heeeeere’s . . .

SOPH (Does Life)

Emily's worthy opponent is Soph, which of these tubers will be victorious in Entirely Beauty's Palette Wars?

Soph (her last name is a mystery!) is 23 years old and began doing nail art vids on Instagram before finding further fame and followers when she started her YouTube Channel in 2014, concentrating on makeup tutorials, hauls and declutters etc.

Soph made it into The Telegraph’s ‘30 Most Famous YouTube & Insta Stars’ list! and has had a lot of sponsorship & brand deals, including collabs.

Soph has just bought her first house (congrats Soph!) and moved in with her boyfriend, James.

They are the REVOLUTION!

If you’re in the market for great drug store beauty products look no further than Revolution London: they’re a popular brand, well known among MUAs, beauty enthusiasts and the wider beauty community, for their quality products at low prices. Revolution’s range of eyeshadows, for example, are pigmented, easy to apply, blendable and brilliant value. Both Emily’s and Soph’s palettes are great ambassadors of the Revolution Brand. If you’re in the market for a new eye palette & are new to Revolution you can’t really go wrong with either The Needs (Emily’s Palette) or Extra Spice (Soph’s Palette).

The Palettes

Emily's beautiful palette, The Needs, has more than meets the eye!
Emily’s Collab with Revolution resulted in The Needs and The Wants Palettes. Photo/Imagery : Entirely Beauty

Revolution The Emily Edit – The Needs

Emily’s The Needs is a Face Palette encased in pale pink, plastic packaging with gold writing. Inside there is a handy, large mirror and 10 pans. Whilst there’s four ‘face products’ and six ‘eyeshadows’, the palette is very versatile, and all the powders can be used in different ways to switch up your look.

The Colour Story of The Needs

  • Courage: A pigmented, but buildable and blendable, bronzer (or contour) with a slight red & warm undertone, that is silky soft. There is a little kick back in the pan, but nothing major. Makes a good crease or lid colour.
  • Joy: A warm, earthy, terracotta, soft and quite ‘creamy’, powder blush that can also double as an eye shade. Feels light on the skin and gives a healthy glow to the cheeks.
  • Gratitude: A slightly marbled, champagne coloured, matte highlighter, that can give you either a subtle sheen or be built up for more of a glow. There’s no kick back, it’s smooth & looks great on the skin. I use a little of this to set my eye primer down and it works well as a corner and brow highlight too.
  • Kindness: A super versatile, brightening, slightly luminous, cream coloured, silky textured, matte powder that can be used to set under eye concealer, eye primer or foundation. Mixed with Joy it’ll give a lighter shade blusher, and it can be used as a shadow too.
  • Honesty: A more orangey toned, terracotta, soft (but slightly dry feeling) eyeshadow with a sheen that’s guaranteed to make blue eyes pop! (I also use it as a blush as it enhances my tan) Great to sweep over the eyelid with a little Gratitude on the brow bone for a ‘ready in an instant’ summer look.
  • Passion: This is a bit of a cameleon shade. From a distance it almost looks like a soft black, close up it’s more of dark purple/plum and whilst it’s basically a matte shade it has soft red, glitter reflects – all of which makes for a truly lush, universally wearable eyeshadow.
  • Peace: This light-sand coloured, matte shadow is soft and creamy to the touch, makes for a good lid colour (as it does a good job of evening out the skin tone), works well as a blending shade and can be used with the other shadows to give added brightness and a little warmth.
  • Faith: This is a soft, warm brown, matte shadow with a bit of a sheen that can be used as a bronzer (on tanned or darker skin tones). Another ‘one and done’ eyeshadow, just apply to the lid, make it darker in the crease and then blend upward to give a soft gradient for an easy eye look.
  • Hope: A lovely, soft textured, milk choc, matte brown, that glides on and blends out wonderfully. Great for neutral eye look or to deepen a more dramatic eye.
  • Love: Slightly darker than kindness, this shadow has that creamy formula, and works well as an eye base colour, but (and dependant on skin colour) can be used as an alternative to Gratitude as a matte highlight.
The swatches show how put together Emily's The Needs palette really is - these colours we're meant to be together! Nice work Revolution.
Swatches photographed outside to show how they look in natural daylight. Photo Entirely Beauty

I have used The Needs a shed ton since buying, as it really does have everything you need in one palette, the shades are wonderful, they lock in place and the colour story is as ‘together’ as it is workable. You can get a lot of different looks with this one, from fresh ‘no-makeup’ vibes to beautiful every day looks, with night time & glam possibilities thrown in for good measure!

The formula of all the shades is super, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less from a revolution palette with Emily’s name on it, cos she knows her stuff. The Needs is currently ONLY Β£6 online at revolution & having done a wear test, I can tell ya that all the shades have staying power – after twelve hour wear test my look was (unlike me πŸ˜…) remarkably fresh, the shadows didn’t fade or budge and the face products all held up great too. So, for the money, The Needs is fantastic value! One other thing I think is worth a mention, and for some this is a biggie, The Needs is an ideal palette for beginners cos the colours co-ordinate and compliment each other perfectly, you’d have no problem putting together a ‘put together’ look, while more experienced makeupers will adore this palette as it provides lots of opportunities for creative, on point looks.

Soph x Revolution – Extra Spice

Soph x Revolution Extra Spice will spice up your makeup collection, but has it got what it takes to WIN in Entirely Beauty's Palette Wars?
An exciting colour story

Soph’s Extra Spice palette has a rose gold lid, with a cream bottom and bares Soph’s ‘signature’. The metallic finish is boujee and glam, looks great on a vanity, but needs a regular wipe to get the fingerprints off and show the palette in its glory. Inside the lid you’ll find a large mirror and the palette houses 18 pans of beautiful, technicolor shadows including mattes and shimmers.

The Colour Story

  • Everyday: Similar to a highlighter (and I have used it as such) this champagne, butter soft shadow is glitter free but shines bright.
  • Running Late: A light-orange-terracotta, earthy, matte shade that’s blendable and warm
  • Infinity: A white-hot silver with a mirror shine finish that feels smooth and buttery, use a damp brush or fingertip for increased intensity, or blend for a more subtle sheen.
  • Cheese Cake: Another earthy toned, matte shadow, this one is a red/brown clay colour, not as pigmented as some of the other shades, but blends and wears well.
  • Cookie Dough: A cooler toned, satin, light, creamy brown (think demerara sugar less the texture) worked for me as a contour, as well as a shadow, but the pan size makes it difficult to get your countour brush in the pan.
  • Dreams: A bronzed, gold shimmer with tiny reflects of glitter. There’s a bit of kick back and fallout, but it’s a luscious shade that’ll flatter a lot of skin shades.
  • Vitamin C: A mustard yellow and unfortunately, slightly dry (but still workable) shadow with a fair amount of kick back, but no fallout. Blends nicely and can be built up for a bolder look.
  • Sweet n Sour: The name of this shadow is definitely fitting, think Chinese takeaway sauce on pork balls and you got it. A good buildable shade and a fab contrast for blue eyes.
  • Twenty One: A deep red which, coupled with Sweet n sour and Vitamin C makes for a dreamy ‘sunset eye’. Also adds a new dimension to the claret, plums and neutrals in this palette.*
  • Romance: In the pan this is a stunning crimson wine colour, the payoff, however, is more like a metalic, sunset pink, which is a bit disappointing, bit still pretty and it has some glitter reflects too.
  • Enchanted: The matte version of Romance in the pan, in reality a claret colour, with quite a bit of kick back, despite its soft, creamy texture.
  • Lakes: A muddy brown, flat matte, my least fave shadow in the Extra Spice palette, this shade just doesn’t sit right with the rest of the shades. It has a shed ton of a kick back and fall out too (and I tried it with several different primers and on its own), it picks up on any texture and has a strange, almost blue/grey hue to it.
  • Brownies: The darkest brown in this colour story, a bit on the dry side, but it is workable. Think Bournville Chocolate and you can picture this matte shade.
  • Chocolate Orange: Is what is says on the tin – a delish chocolate orange coloured, matte shadow that compliments the other earthy tones in this palette fabulously.
  • Mulled Wine: A dark, wine colour in the pan but again the pay off is more pink than wine, that said it can be built up to a more true wine shade.
  • LA Sun: Is a gorgeous yellow gold, soft, almost wet looking, gold shimmer when applied and is a perfect inner corner, brow bone or mid-lid highlighting shadow.
  • Aurora: Another fabulous shade, a grey/green, wet look, duo chrome shimmer with lush gold reflects.
  • Reputation: A soft, matte black that can be built up for intensity or blended out to a grey hue. Great for a smuged, smokey liner too.*

*NB-Twenty One and Reputation stain the areas where you lay them down. This is usual for deeply pigmented reds and blacks.

I love using Soph’s Extra Spice, and have created lots of glam night and day looks with it. I’ve also used it for more neutral, day time makeup, however, as there are no face products it’s not as versatile as The Needs. I also feel that while the palette has inspired me to try different looks, I have experience to fall back on. I think someone new to, or less experienced with, makeup might be a bit overwhelmed by the array of colour and unsure what to use with what. That said, this is a brilliant palette, I do love it, and it’s one of my go tos. I just believe it’s better suited to a more experienced beauty addict.

YES the red and black shades stain, nothing new there. 😁 Quite a bit of kick back with some of the shadows, bit less in the fall out department but these minor things can be easily dealt with. The formulas, overall, are crackin, good pigmentation, bendable shadows, what more could a creative makeup lover want? Another good point – this is a heck of a good autumnal colour story too!

Why I purchased Emily’s The Needs and Soph’s Extra Spice

I’ve followed both Emily and Soph on Youtube for a long time now and love them & their palettes

Emily and The Needs

Emily’s total enthusiasm for her job, love of makeup and pretty much limitless product knowledge has me glued to the screen every time she uploads a new video. I like her; she’s relatable and damn good at what she does, I’d love to chat to her over coffee!

Emily's The Needs palette, in collaboration with Revolution is pretty, pink and practical!

Given this ‘gal crush’ πŸ˜‰ I felt The Need(s) to support Emily in her first ever collab. Her launch video (see below) was so emotional, open and honest. I like the fact that she has upheld her integrity and declined many sponsorship/ brand deals, because she wanted to remain in control of her channel and to give her audience her real opinions. The colour story and practicality of The Needs really appealed to me, Revolution are one of my favourite brands, and the palette was versatile and affordable too!

Throwback to 22nd August 2018 & Emily’s big reveal: The Emily Edit. This video recieved 466,276 views.

Sophie and Extra Spice

Soph is lovely; a fab creator of both makeup looks and beauty content, ridiculously pretty, full of fun, enthusiasm, friendliness and a natural in front of the camera too, all of which makes for great viewing as you can see from her Launch Video below. Soph do got some make up skills for sure, and she often makes me laugh too. Wouldn’t mind partaying with Soph or chatting about all things beauty – yep, I’ll accept either invitation!

Soph's glitzy and glam golden palette - Extra Spice adds a dash of boujeeness and a splash of colour to your beauty collection.

Buying Extra Spice was my way of showing gratitude for hours of viewing pleasure, plus when I saw the palette I fell in love with the colour story, particularly the orange shades (my favourite eyeshadow colour!)

From first glimpse I knew there were pretty much endless looks in the palette, that I’d enjoy experimenting with it and get lots of use out of it! All of this has proved to be true. What’s more at Β£10 I considered it a bit of a bargain too! Soph’s palette is available from Revolution online and Superdrug (UK).

On 5th June 2018 Soph uploaded her second Revolution Collab palette – Extra Spice

πŸ€”The Ref’s DecisionπŸ€”

Obviously I love both Emily and Soph AND their respective palettes, but there has to be a winner, so one of them will be out for a count of ten.

Both palettes offer the opportunity for good make up days, the formulas are (cos Revolution, Emily and Soph know their makeup) similar in texture, quality, colour pay-off and useability. Where they differ is with regard to colour stories, number of pans and, of course, one has face as well as eye products. Both are excellent value for money, are still a relevant part of my beauty collection two years after they launched.

Re-watching the above launch videos has made me WANT ‘The Wants’ and EVERYTHING in the ‘Soph x Revolution’ range! 😁 Not just so we can have a Soph/Emily Palette Wars re-match, (I’d be well up for that, tho) but because they are ALL fab, affordable products, by two of my favourite YouTubers in collab with a brand I love AND they would be right at home in my collection!

Soph and Emily's super powers are their collab palettes with Revolution, being fab influencers, and now, thanks to Entirely Beauty, they've got their boxing gloves on and are ready for Palette Wars.

It’s been a good clean fight, but one YouTuber’s palette has ‘out punched’ the other and the results are in. It was a damn close call, but the ref’s made her decision – it gives me great pleasure to announce that THE WINNER of Round One of Palette Wars is…

(Tension building pause …)


Congratulations to the winner – Emily

Commiserations to the runner up, Soph!

Do you have either or both of these palettes? Do you agree with the outcome? What are your thoughts on influencer collabs, Revolution and this new series here on Entirely Beauty? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to know what you think.

Thanks for reading and until next time, take care.

πŸ’‹ Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

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Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and all opinions expressed herein are my own. NONE of the links included in this post are affiliate links. All information derived from outside sources/research was correct at time of publication.


The behind the blogger tag

A chance to discover more about me!

A tag with a great mix of questions; my answers will let you get to know more about me – welcome to my world 😁

I’ve done a couple of tag posts before for my blog and social media (a ‘read list’ is included at the end of the post), this one comes from the blogging community. Many thanks to LIZ OF WORDS who (indirectly) nominated me. The premise of the tag is that you will learn a little more about me. Yes, I’m gonna take you on a journey of discovery – now buckle up cos this could get bumpy!! πŸ˜‰


NEW Beauty Content is added to Entirely Beauty on the regular, so please come back soon to enjoy my next beauty blog post.


The Tag Rules:

β€’ Thank the person who nominated you
β€’ Answer all the questions
β€’ Ping back to the tag’s original creator – ellyn@allonsythornraxx
β€’ Nominate 5+ Bloggers, you’d like to know more about, to do this tag
Let’s get right on into it!

I started blogging because I love writing and the written word. My blog also feeds my need to be creative (both with words and images) whilst giving me an outlet for my other passion (addiction!) – all things beauty. As good fortune would have it blogging now ‘justifies’ my rather large (and very much loved) beauty product collection, or as I like to call it, my stash! πŸ˜‰

My family & friends don’t share (or understand) my love of beauty (until they want to borrow something from my stash, have a problem and need advice or want me to do their makeup hehe). I’m ok with all of that though, and the fact that none of my famalam, mates or colleagues actually know about, let alone read or follow, my blog. With that in mind, when I started blogging, I really hoped it would result in me connecting with, and be able to excitedly talk to other beauty enthusiasts. To that end my blog (and Entirely Beauty’s social media) has led to my ‘meeting’ some really lovely, artistic beauty fanatics, not to mention some fabulous, talented and supportive bloggers. So, blogging? YEAH, what’s not to love? 😍

Oh, I like this question!

I’ve kept blogging for the same reason I keep breathing – I have to! πŸ˜‰ I’ve got a notebook (aka my blogging bible) and in it I’ve written (and continue to write) literally hundreds of ideas for beauty blogs, social media posts and creative imagery. Now, I’m the kinda gal who simply has to see things through to a logical conclusion; which means that for the foreseeable future (and the unforeseeable, given all those ideas) I will keep on bloggerin!

There IS a second reason I keep bloggin; given that none of my family or friends know about/read/follow my blog and I now kinda keep it from them, I’m interested to see if I can grow my following, in a truly organic way. Side note: should you wish to help me in this endeavour by sharing one or two of my posts and or recommending me to your beauty loving or blogtastic friends, that’d be, well … AWESOME.😘 Especially your chatty mates who love to comment, cos I do like connect with my followers and subscribers!

I guess ‘ALL OF THEM’ just ain’t gonna cut it here, huh?

I’m loving doing this type of blog post to be honest! (Cue a plethora of pings notifying me I’ve been nominated in a shed ton of tags 🀣🀣). Usually my blogs take a fair bit of research, cos I check (and double check) everything so as not to misinform or mislead you guys. Sitting down and writing answers to questions about ‘me’, obviously didn’t need any research. It also didn’t require the usual amount of photography or image editing either. I’m enjoying this ‘stream of consciousness’ writing and having had no amount of BTS prep stuff for this tag IS quite freeing.

For ‘subject type‘ it’d be Empties and Subscription Box posts that are my favourite to write. Hopefully my enthusiasm for actually using stuff up and taking delivery of sub boxes is reflected in those posts.

However, ‘style’ wise (as you guys have probably already noticed) I prefer ‘long form’ blog posts. I figure that if you have taken time out to visit Entirely Beauty, the very least I can do is give you good value in return for your time, by including as much info and detail as possible – and I can’t do that in a few sentences.

This question could also read – “Which of your offspring do you love the most?”

OK, so I’m the bitch and my blog posts are my pups; I give birth to em’, nurture them, clean ’em up, make them presentable and then let them run from our comfy dog basket into the blogosphere. Working from the premise that the ‘maternal’ instinct I have towards each of my ‘pups’ is strong, this negates the possibility for favouritism and makes this question is a damn tough call. 😁

But …

And as I am obliged to choose three:

  • How to REALLY achieve Younger Looking Skin: Part One & Part Two | These posts were the culmination of lots of trial and error, testing different skincare and methods and eventually finding an all encompassing routine that delivered results!
A good massage helps πŸ˜‰
  • Reading: I love escaping into other people’s worlds! I have an eclectic taste in genres when it comes to books, including fiction and none fiction. With blogs I gravitate towards beauty (obvs), lifestyle and wellness. I enjoy ‘physical’ magazines, but for news I’m an online reader and the BBC app is my news read of choice.
  • I really (really!) love a nice soak in the bath, whilst enjoying a cuppa and watching a YouTube beauty content videos.
  • I don’t think you can beat a good walk; I like to explore places, both urban and rural. You know, get out amongst the world, watch people, take in the scenery, blow away the cobwebs and just ‘be’ – that’s relaxing.
  • Having a coffee somewhere where I can sit outside, see what’s happening and either have time to be with friends or to just think!
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
  • My family and friends – OK, I know that’s a kinda predictable answer BUT it’s an honest one! I’m sooo lucky to know and be related to some truly exceptional and amazing people and I LOVE spending time with them!
  • My Stash and playing with it! I can easily lose myself organising, appraising and using my collection. I honestly don’t know why I’m so beauty besotted; It’s neither a vanity or ‘showing off’ thing (I’m comfortable without makeup and I’m the only person who knows the true extent of my collection). I didn’t just wake up one day and be like “Oh, I think I’ll order a load of makeup and try me a new hobby!” 😁 It just kinda happened. Whatever the reasons, my beauty collection brings me a lot of happiness, indulges my creative side and is ever changing (collection, product and trend wise) so there ain’t much chance of me getting bored!
  • Music – like books, I love a whole host of different types of music: Chart stuff, a bit of rap, OG stuff like The Beatles and Queen, an occasional dalience with classical music – pretty much anything and everything, with the exception of Jazz (appologise to any Jazz fans) that’s just not my jam, baby.

“Enjoy your favourite things, cos one day you’ll realise that they were the BIG things.”

OK, so it’s self appreciation time

Even though I now think it’d definitely benefit from a bit of editing and reworking, I felt quite a sense of achievement and pride when I’d written and published my first blog post Shopped My Stash. It was quite a big step to take; once written it took me a hot minute to hit publish. I was scared that no-one would read it and that if they did, they wouldn’t like it.

This’ll probably sound completely ridiculous given the huge number of followers/subscribers that a many bloggers have, but hitting 50 made me immensely proud. It also made me run around the room fist punching the air and yelling ‘yes!’ like a footy fan whose team have just scored in the world cup. 😁 I know 50 followers isn’t a huge number, but I am so, so, grateful to each and everyone of you!


Last, but no way least, I feel a sense of pride when someone comments on one of my posts. The fact that you take time out to read what I write blows my mind, but your comments, well, they breathe life into my posts, put a smile on my face and I just love the connections those comments creates.

There are hobbies other than blogging??

I have a bit of a thing for learning, probably due to my very positive experiences at college and university; when something interests me I’ll read up on it, watch stuff and find out what I can. Recently I came across a channel on You Tube belonging to a girl who has Dissociative Identity Disorder (people who have D.I.D used to be referred to as having multiple or spilt personalities) and learning more about that subject (along with most things about the human mind) I found really fascinating.

I enjoy both cooking at home and eating out. Great food and good company – is there anything better? I love trying new things, be that foods I haven’t previously sampled, new recipes or places to eat and the wonderful social interactions that come with all that. Whether it’s preparing food for family and/or friends or a leisurely meal out I’m down for it!

Another hobby is gardening: I recently created a ‘Fairy Garden’, complete with various, cute little fairy houses and pretty lights. The plants, which I grew from seeds, are growing nicely and I’m looking forward to having lots of colourful flowers to look at while I enjoy my morning cuppa in the garden.

To be or not to be, that’s not the question? πŸ˜‰

I’m a Shakespeare fan. As a historical figure I find William very intriguing, I love most of his plays – Henry V, Othello and Hamlet being my favourites and enjoy reading his sonnets. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Tempest at the Globe in London, have visited Stratford quite a few times and have enjoyed a number of outdoor performances, of a number of his plays, at various locations in the UK. My favourite Shakespeare performances to date were Henry V at The Stratford Theatre and an amateur production of Hamlet – both of which were such powerful and emotive adaptations that they reduced me to tears!

Right bloggers, I’m nosey, so please don’t let me down! 😁

Here are my nominations – have fun lovely ladies! Please ping back to me so I don’t miss your answers. I’m lookinging forward to getting to know y’all a little better 😁

Bournemouth Girl

The Newbury Girl




And YOU (yes, you) if you’d like to!

So, there you have it, I hope you feel you know me a bit better now. 😁 Thanks so much for reading, it means a lot! If you enjoyed this post please give it a ‘like’, if you’d like to help me with my ‘organic growth’ then hit the follow button, and, if you’d like to receive a FREE copy of my mini e-magazine – EB Xtra – and receive a notification each time I publish a new post then please subscribe ⬇️⬇️⬇️

What did you think of this tag – do you like reading and responding to tags like this? Will you be having a go at this tag? (If you don’t have a blog you could respond to the questions in the comments). Did any of my answers suprise you? Are there any other tags you’d like for me to do? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

That’s it from me for this post, thanks for hanging out with me in the blogosphere and until next time, take care.

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April’s Empties: Faves, Fails, Tips and Trash to Treasure Ideas

Product reviews and tips, how to REALLY empty your product containers and ideas for recycling, upcycling and repurposing your beauty empties.

Find out what beauty products I'm loving, likin and glad to see the back of, im my monthly round up of empties for April!
A mixed selection of products that I used up during April
Image: Entirely Beauty


NEW Beauty Content is added to Entirely Beauty on the regular, so please come back soon to enjoy my next beauty blog post.


I didn’t realise until yesterday (lockdown fog!) that I hadn’t done my usual roundup of products I used up last month!?! Apologies. This post is gonna put that right as it’s all about, yes you’ve guessed it, my April empties: if you want to know which beauty products I’m lovin and living for, the ones I like and what products kinda failed me, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve broken my empties down into categories – Skincare, Haircare, Makeup and Body Care – so that you can easily locate each one and read about the products that interest you most! (Hopefully, that’s all of em!) I’ve also linked up each of the products, so you can get more info and/or buy and try them for yourself!

There’s also some other helpful links, some useful tips on using up ALL of your products, plus some recycling, upcycling and repurposing ideas for your empties. I’m the gift that keeps on giving! 😁

I’ve got a few blog posts in my Empties Series, and if the empties thing makes your heart sing, then it can keep singing cos I’ve included the links to the other posts in this series down below.

If you enjoy jumping into my empties basket, please show your appreciation by giving this post a like and following my blog. πŸ‘ If you’re feeling super lovin 😍 please subscribe to ⬇️Entirely Beauty⬇️ and become part of the EB fam. As a thank you, every subscriber receives a FREE (Yes, FREE) copy of EB Xtra, my monthly mini e-mag that’s BIG on exclusive and extra beauty content. Plus you’ll receive a heads up when I add new content, so you won’t miss a thing.

So, we know where we’re heading and you’ve subscribed (!) let’s dive into my empties basket, starting with skincare.

April’s Empties – Skincare

  • Beauty Pro Collagen Mask with Vitamin C – An anti-aging, complexion brightening, elasticity improving, fine line and wrinkle diminishing, pleasant smelling and cooling face mask that is suitable for all skin types and costs just Β£4.95, that’s not half bad, right? Especially when it does all that in just fifteen minutes and has extra serum in the packet that can be used on your neck and dΓ©colletage. Loved this and was living for the results, well done Beauty Pro!


If you’re really going to test out a different skin care range then you owe it to the products, yourself and your skin to try them over a few weeks and use a variety of products from that range, cos they are supposed to ‘work’ better together! So, that’s what your girl did. I treated myself to a Feel Unique Beauty Kit of Caudalie Samples. The Beauty Kit is a cost effective way to try out a new skincare regime or any other products you fancy trying.


The Caudalie Vine Range

  • The Micellar Water with Organic Grape Water & Chamomile 50ml Sample. (Full Size Β£19.99) Due to faulty packaging the Caudalie water flooded my Shopped My Stash Storage, I wasn’t impressed but it did a grand job of cleaning the storage compartments and the packaging of my other products. I only used it twice before it Houdinied on me, my face did feel clean though. A bit of a fail there and too short a trial to be more conclusive, sorry folks.
  • The Moisturising Toner 50ml Sample (Full Size Β£9) I wasn’t taken with this toner, it was pleasant enough to use, but I just didn’t feel (and neither did my skin) that it brought anything to the table plus I didn’t see any improvements skin wise. Fail!
  • The Moisturising Sorbet 10ml Sample (Full Size Β£23) I loved the texture of this, it was rich, but light, very moisturing and left my skin feeling like silk! Definitely a fave!
  • The S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum 10ml Sample (Full Size Β£23) I had two serums from the range and this one certainly performed better than its sister! I used this at night, with the sorbet, and it was uber hydrating and felt lush! Not a fave, but I did like this one.
  • The Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum 10ml Sample (Full size Β£36) This was my day serum, saddly it lacked the glow it promised, which was disappointing, it also felt a little tacky for a while after application and made my base products ‘pill up’ too. Sorry Caudalie, It’s a no from me!
  • Premier Cru |The Eye Cream 5ml Sample (Full Size Β£49) Given the price of this I was expecting miracles, unfortunately there were none. This eye cream does have a super lux consistency, meaning only a small amount is needed. I’m talking tiny. Miniscule. Seriously, no more than a pin head. That richness not only affects the absorption, but made the cream feel far too heavy on my eye area. This was another discovered fail in Caudalie’s range.


Note: The above sample sizes afforded sufficient product for my month long trial.


Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks 6 Pairs

These are Β£24 (or Β£4 each duo) I received these in a FabFitFun box & I loved using them; they hydrate, brighten, reduce fine lines and feel luxurious too – definitely a fave and I recommend giving them a go.

  • Skinacademy Argan Oil Gel Eye Patches (4 Treatments- but I had already used two) Β£1.75 These, in contrast to the Wander ones, are super affordable at just 43p per treatment. You leave them on for about 20 mins, remove and gently pat the serum in to the skin until absorbed. For the price I can’t fault these. The Argan Oil is great at hydrating whilst the antioxidants help slow signs of aging. These are a fave in the budget beauty category.
  • Sukin Pink Clay Facial Masque (For Sensitive Skin) Β£11.75 – I bloody love this! A recent addition to the Sukin family of products, this amazing mask gently extracts pollutants and impurities to leave your skin feeling really clean and looking healthly and radiant. (For more Sukin product info click here) I really recommend giving this one some space on your bathroom shelf – I’ll be re-buying for sure.


How to get the most from your beauty ‘almost gones’ and ’empties’: Using ALL the product!

Before we get into the next group of empties, if, like me, you hate product waste, these tips’ll help you get to the bottom of things!

The foundation that resolutely clings to the sides of the bottle, the concealer that the damn doe foot applicator can’t reach, the remnants of your favourite, now flattened lippy and what’s left of your now slightly clumpy, much loved mascara all costs £££ but often go unused. Here’s how I get every drop, lump and clump from those products and make sure I get my coins worth.

Entirely Beauty Infograph - How to REALLY empty your beauty products!

Is it really EMPTY?

If there’s residual product in your ’empties’ follow the instructions in my ⬅️infograph⬅️. Simply add the ‘extra ingredients’ directly to the containers, give the container a really good shake & voila, you have a ‘NEW’ and slightly different product for FREE!

For the lip and cheek tint, scrape out any remaining lipstick onto a mixing palette or saucer add an equal amount of lip balm, mix thoroughly, re-package in a cleaned pot or tin.

If you found these tips useful, please let me know in the comment and I’ll include more in future empties posts.


You may remember that I ‘joined’ Project Pan 2020, which means I’m trying to ‘use what I have’ (to the very last drop, lump and clump πŸ˜‰) and ‘hit pan’. (To read more about my project pan endeavours please click here). To be honest, using up skin and hair care and/or body products isn’t difficult, as this and my previous Empties posts prove, I get through them ‘organically’. Makeup, however, is a totally different ball game, and since starting my blog, and my empties series, I’ve never actually ‘hit pan’ in that category.

Project Pan 2020 - I hit pan on four (YES FOUR) make up products in April!


Yes, I finally did it!

And not just on one makeup product, but FOUR!

I can see why so many people love panning, it feels great and I’m ridiculously proud of myself! 😁

April’s Empties – Makeup Products

  • Avon Extra Lasting Liquid Foundation (Shade: Shell) 30ml Β£10 (Discontinued) The fact that this has been discontinued by Avon begs the question “How long have I had You???” πŸ€” Honestly, I don’t know, and that response suggests that I need to do an inventory of my stash! Yes, I know Avon is an MLM (don’t come gunning for me πŸ˜‰) but I do really like some of their products (spoiler alert – I picked out another Avon foundation to use this month). I liked this, it applies well with a blender, brush or even your hands, can be mixed with moisturiser for a lighter, BB kinda coverage and it lasts. (Side note – it mixed well with face oil & highlighter & I loved using up that last bit) Shame it’s been discontinued!
  • Benefit Roller Lash Full Size (Shade: Black) Β£22.50 This is my Marmite mascara and she has a Jekyll and Hyde character! Some days I LOVED this product, it performed well, curlec my lashes and looked the bomb! Other days it slightly irritated my eyes, clumped up (not in a good way) I had to spend time combing my lashes to lose the clumps and that straightened my lashes back out. When she’s good she’s great, when she’s not she’s horrid! I have a love hate relationship with Roller Lash.
The four makeup products I panned in April!
Project Pan: Success with makeup, at last!
Image: Entirely Beauty
  • Code Beauty Soft Smooth Lip Liner Β£18 This innovative lip liner sharpens itself, contains collagen and is, as the name suggests, soft and smooth. Goes on so easily, wears well, prevents feathering, gives great lip contour and is bendable! I was obsessed with this – the only downer, it broke and I lost some of that valuable product! 😭 That lush softness was it’s undoing; would I re-buy – hell yeah, but I’ll remember to use a lighter hand.
  • Revolution Liquid Highlighter (Shade: Bronze Gold) I received this in one of those wonderful FREEBIE bags that Revolution offer from time to time with an order. I don’t think you can beat Revolution for budget/drug store beauty, and this highlighter is testament to that statement. Applied wonderfully, can be used as a ‘hey, my cheekbones are LIT!’ highlighter, a more subtle, blended glow or mixed into your fave foundation to give it some extra umphhh. Definitely a fave! If you haven’t discovered the revolution that is Revolution, whatcha waiting for? Go get more bang for your buck!

April’s Empties – Hair Care

The good, the bad and the ugly in my haircare empties.

Sebastian Dark Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

50ml Samples (1000ml Β£28 each) A crackin’ pair of lightweight hair products! They clean, soften, add shine and smell totes amazing! I loved these – faves!

  • Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer 40ml Sample (Full Size – 70ml Β£19) You can’t go wrong with any Phillip Kingsley hair product – this company are hair specialists and this is sooo reflected in their products! This popular brand is often found in Beauty Subscription Boxes & that’s because once you’ve tried a sample of any of their products you will want to buy them!! Elasticizer is a pre-shampoo treatment, which is nothing short of brilliant for fine, medium and coarse hair as it adds shine, bounce, increases elasticity and makes hair more managable. This, and other Phillip Kingsley products, rank highly among my favourites!
  • Grow Gorgeous – Back Into The Roots Scalp Masque 60ml Sample. Full Size (200ml Β£28) Whatever your hair concerns Grow Gorgeous has a Masque solution. This scalp Masque is massaged into the scalp then it does a weird cooling and tingly thing for the duration of the 10 minutes you leave it on for. You then cleanse and condition your hair as normal. Back Into The Roots certainly stimulates your scalp and gives your head the ‘wake up call’ it promises but ‘results’? Sadly lacking! After 4 weeks of using this I’m still not sure what it’s supposed to do, so that’d be a fail!
  • Schwarzkopf Live Baby Blue (Spray-in temporary, wash out, hair colour) 89p 125ml. I am obsessed! Whenever I spot these in my local discount stores I buy in bulk. They come in various pastel shades (Baby Pink, Peach, Mint etc), work great for lighter hair colours (blondes and greys) and you can increase the intensity according to how you apply them. Sprayed into dry hair the result is softer, but is a perfect pick-me-up for ‘in need of a shampoo’ hair. If you want something a with more impact spray into damp hair then dry and style as normal. You can try a temporary unicorn affect with these too (it looks so extra when plaited). I use this temporary hair colour to add pizzazz to a ‘messy-bun-up-do’ by spraying the colour(s) just on my bun, I’ve also used it to colour just the loose tendrils – both styles give a lovely contrast . I recommend these if you’re beautiful blonde or a gorgeous grey babe cos they’re fun, easy to use and sooo versatile!!!


Recycle, Upcycle, Re-purpose: Some great ideas for your beauty empties

Trash to Treasure infograph - ideas for beauty empties.

Some beauty product empties simply don’t lend themselves to upcycling or re-purposing, but can be recycled.

Other empties can, with a bit of imagination, be restyled & re-used, and you can have fun creating something ‘new’.

If you’d like more upcycling and re-purposing ideas for your empties, or if you have any good empties hacks, please let me know in the comments.


The Body products I emptied in April
Loving having my Skin So Soft & Tanned!

April’s Empties – Body Products

  • Sure MotionSense Bright Bouquet 48 Hour Anti-Perspirant 250ml Β£1.79 OK, not the most exciting beauty/body product in the world, but we all use it in some form or another. This anti-perspirant has a MotionSense element which apparently releases a fruity burst of strawberries and apricots when you’re on the move. Can’t say I noticed that particular claim, but then again I wasn’t about to go for a run with my nose in my own armpit to test the claim! There are just some things ya girl won’t do, sorry! πŸ˜‰ It does smell good and it kept me fresh and dry, so yeah, I liked it!
  • Bubble T Bath & Shower Gel in Rhubarb & Custard AND Salted Caramel. 200ml. Β£5.99 for both via Soapscription – a bubbletastic subscription box from Bubble T. These Bath and Shower Gels (and Soapscription) are a firm fave of mine, but Bubble T surpassed themselves with the Salted Caramel!!! Oh M Vereee Gee – loved, loved, loved this fragrance – by far the best ‘flavour’ I’ve since subbing – Deeeelicious!!! The rhubarb and custard was fab too, as we’re all the other ‘flavour’ I’ve received – I can’t recommend this bubbly sub box, or praise the prods highly enough 😍
  • Avon Skin So Soft Enhance and Glow 150ml (Medium) Β£3.50 – really enjoyed using this and it’s a great way to get a sun kissed start to tanning season. Personally, I don’t go in heavy with fake tan, so this is perfect for me. Also it’s child’s play to apply – simply spray and massage in. It doesn’t streak, you get lovely, natural looking tan, soft skin, a great glow and no mess or orange hands. You can build it up, but I tend to just use this a couple of times a week then exfoliate it off and begin again. Lurve it 😎

And that concludes my empties for April. What do you about what I used up, liked and disliked. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? Do any of my empties take your fancy? If they do let me know which ones. If you’ll be trying them in the future and would like some more details, don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t forget to let me know what you thought of my ‘use it all’ and ‘trash to treasure’ tips and/or if you have any hacks and tricks of your own, please share them in the comments too. Finally don’t forget to like, share, follow and subscribe. Thank you.

Thanks also, and as always, for reading, I really appreciate you taking time out your day to visit and read. Until next time, take care

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James Charles’ Instant Influencer: An Instant Success?

In beauty/filming rooms and on laptops all over the world, there are thousands of beauty enthusiasts, amateur make up artists, bloggers and wannabe influencers, making videos, writing blogs, posting on social media and trying to get their talents noticed in the hugely populated and popular community that is beauty!

James Charles has tapped into this potential talent and the popularity of beauty, makeup and artistry to create a new show – Instant Influencer. The premise is to entertain us beauty addicts whilst ultimately spring-boarding one lucky contestant into the ring light of beauty guru fame.

So, yeah, to those of us who love all things beauty, the show’s blueprint does sound tempting, right, BUT

Is Instant Influencer worth watching?

Is James Charles' Instant Influencer show worth watching?
James Charles Instant Influencer: YASS or PASS?
Image: YouTube Originals

Much of the reaction to Instant Influencer so far has a very (understandable) stars and stripes flavour, and although that’s all entertaining and informative, there’s room on the menu for a typically British response – enter Entirely Beauty!

Who is James Charles?

Before we get into the show, and despite the HUGE following (aka Sisterhood) he has, there may be some who aren’t familiar, so here’s a sister-salient sum up: James Charles is a fast-talking, artistically talented, cute, Morphe-collabing, brand-Charles-promoting, drama magnet of epic proportions, boldly business savvy, YouTube, Social Media and generally famous beauty guru!

Phew! (Insert pause for breath here)

And now the first and second eps of Instant Influencer have aired James Charles can add Show Host, Judge and Exec Producer to his already ‘impressive-for-a-twenty-year-old’ resumΓ© too!

Instant Influencer: An Introductory Insight

Six months ago, when James first announced plans for his new show he boldly stated that he was going to:

“…take beauty content and blow it up to a place that has never been done before.”

James Charles – YouTubeCasting Call‘ (Nov 2019)

In this typically enthusiastic upload, James added that he’d initially had the idea three years ago, then sat on it as it was such a big project. He also excitedly told his sisterhood subscribers how to enter, how to ‘vote’ for their faves and divulged the show’s format.

My initial thoughts on hearing the show’s format was that Instant Influencer sounded very (very) similar to the BBC Three’s Glow Up series that first aired, here in Britain, in March 2019. (If you missed it, it’s available on the BBC’s i-player and would make for a great lockdown binge! A second series of Glow Up is due later this year)

In a similar fashion to Glow Up, Instant Influencer is a reality/competition combo in which contestants take part in various makeup related tasks and challenges designed to showcase their individual personalities and artistry to a, hopefully, captivated viewing audience, whilst being mentored, judged and critiqued by the host and experts. In Instant Influencer that’s James, assistant judge Claudia ‘Norvina‘ Soare (of Anastasia Beverly Hills fame) and the weekly guest judges – spots that have, so far, been filled, by TV reality star Paris Hilton and drag queen Trixie Mattel.

Produced by Brian Graden Media for YouTube, Instant Influencer has a Glow Up x Next Top Model x RuPaul’s Drag Race kinda vibe. It’s a four parter and we’re in two deep: You can catch these first two episodes, The Competition Begins and Click & Drag, plus the two remaining eps (streaming on Fri 8th and Fri 15th at 8pm BST) on James Charles YouTube channel.

From the thousands of video entries, six contestants were chosen to appear and compete on the show. The winner will get to film a collab video with James, receive filming equipment worth $10,000 and the grand prize of $50,000! Not to mention a scale of both social media and general exposure that a mortal beauty blogger like myself can hardly imagine. πŸ˜‰ So, the prizes aint too shabby!

Instant Influencer – Series One: Episode Two – Click and Drag with James and guest judge Trixie Mattel

In true game show stylee, let’s meet the real stars of Instant Influencer – the contestants!

Britany was the first to be eliminated, however, I don’t think that was as much due to a lack of talent as it was sad, personal circumstance! In a video on Britany’s YT channel she explains that she had to leave her ill Nana in hospital, to head to LA to take part in the show. Tragically her Nana passed away the day before Britany’s return.

Christian aka Indigo, is super talented, very entertaining to watch, on the show AND his YT channel, and has a fantastic personality! *SPOILER ALERT* I honestly thought he’d win! Episode two’s Drag Challenge proved to be too tough a call though, and he was sent home. Those brows weren’t related, they were way too high on his forehead, BUT, this blogger is now a fan!

Single mum, Ashley had the largest following of all the contestants before the show and her stats continue to rise! Hardly surprising given her artistry and flair! Ashley won both Episode’s tasks and episode two’s main challenge. I totally love the content on her YT channel and she’s now my tip for the top spot. Her Avatar take on the Drag Queen challenge was both inspired and out of this world.

Gabriel, aka Gabriel Dreams, has the beauty skills, a fab personality, is the undisputed queen of the pout and an avocate of the pop and snap. I’ve spent time on Gabriel’s YT Channel, the poppin n snappin grates after a while but his content is good and on the show Gabriel’s fun to watch. Not my favourite contestant, but he’s got talent.

Kailin is the lovable, girl- next-door of Instant Influencer. She has the (self-confessed) gift of the gab, skill set and vision that should keep her in the competition and see her crowned ‘runner up’. Her YT Channel content confirms she’s at home in front of the camera, her personality shines, as does Kailin’s enthusiastic love of all things beauty.

Benny is, following Indigo’s untimely exit, the baby of Instant Influencer. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with his penchant for colour and innovative makeup looks. His YT Channel , however, would benefit from more content, a good filming backdrop and volume increase. He’s cute, but for me hasn’t got what it takes to win as he’s up against much stronger contestants.

Instant Influencer: Ingenious or Incidental?

At the beginning of both episodes of Instant Influencer Executive Producer James is in corporate mode, promoting ‘brand Charles‘, whilst silmutanteously ‘acting‘ as a game show host, but the two roles don’t gel well. It’s a bit uncomfortable to watch and …

“…a bit cringey…”

Smokey Glow. I watched James Charles’ Instant Influencer so you don’t have to … a review* YouTube (25th April, 2020)

I rode out this wave of cringeness and fortunately the Wall Street ‘My Brand, My Show Sell, Sell, Sell!’ gave way to better viewing. Once the contestants arrived James got into his stride as host, mentor and judge: he put the contestants at ease, gave them great advice and helpful tips, his critiques were fair – in fact he came across as really caring about the contestants and wanting to help them get the most from their time on the show.

There’s one issue with the show that definitely needs addressing, both here and in series two of Instant Influencer (Yes, a second series is planned). In one of the reviews of the show I read whilst researching, the author wrote that James’s new web series was…

“…injecting much needed life, diversity and fun into a classic format.”

Dazed Digital

My immeadiate reaction to this was “REALLY???” Life and fun, yes, but diversity?? Mmm? Where’s the disabled influencers? The plus sized beauty addicts? The more mature makeup enthusiasts? The demographic of the show is somewhat diverse but is it diverse enough? The age, aesthetics, physicality, ethnenticity and mobility of the contestants offers a thin slither of beauty community cake, rather than a truly representive slice, that a range of viewers could really get their teeth into. James, You Tube and the team overlooked an opportunity for real inclusion, favouring instead, a safer, more generic approach when selecting the contestants, which, no doubt restricted its appeal to potential viewers.

The PYT contestants pictured with Norvina and James front and centre!
Photo: YouTube Originals/James Charles

The guest judges, so far, have been entertaining and helpful. Paris was a bit overshadowed by her pooch, but her reactions to the contestants’ handy work in the challenges were very positive and encouraging. Trixie was a delight, fun, fair and inspirational in the drag challenge. It’ll be interesting to see who will take the guest judge seats in the two remaining eps. Enter the Dragun? Yeah, I’d put money on Nikita making an appearance on the panel!

Crouching Nikita, Hidden Dragun – is she set to pounce on Instant Influencer as a guest judge?
Image: James Charles (Edited by Entirely Beauty)

The resident, assistant judge, Norvina offers the contestants salient, insightful appraisals and shares her wealth of inside industry knowledge, which is invaluable to those with their eyes on the prize. Norvina does come across as being out of her comfort zone on the show though, something she has openly admitted on Twitter.

Norvina on being in the judges seat on Instant Influencer

Reactions to Instant Influencer

After Instant Influencer aired, fans of James and the show also took to Twitter to share their thoughts. @lolareyouclara summed up both her own opinion and the general consensus, by tweeting out, “Honestly this show is amazing”, whilst @iconicjames declared “@jamescharles is the new Simon Cowell”. In his own YT ‘reaction’ video – Full Face Using ONLY a Beauty Blender & Instant Influencer Tea – James told the sisters that all the responses to the show had been positive and that he was “…so, so, so grateful.”

James, when you’ve added ‘Featured in SHREK as myself’ to your resumΓ©, then, and only then, can you be compared to the Legend … (***wait for it***) … dary Simon!


Not all the responses were positive though: many have criticised the elimination process, which is totes brutal! To add perspective here, the elimination of a contestant on any reality/competition show is ‘the money shot’: it’s that ‘watch from behind a cushion moment’, with fingers crossed, hoping that your favourite doesn’t go bye-bye. Producers know this and so they create drama and tension to bring out an emotional response in both the departing contestant AND the viewing audience. It is what it is.

Having said that, it’s not the butt-clenching build up to the already infamous ‘knock on the loser’s door’ that folks have taken issue with; no, it’s the fact that having told the losing contestant the bad news and trotted out the usual reality show bon mots of psuedo-comfort, James imeadiately asks the (now very upset for very obvious reasons) departee to face the camera and film the ep’s outro. Imagine being asked to smile, ‘perform’, and promote yourself having just received, what would be, in that moment, totally devastating news! Uh huh…


James adds Xtra drama to ‘The Money Shot’
Image: James Charles – Instant Influencer

James did address this criticism in his video stating that having the loser face the camera to end the ep and plug their channels bought everything “…full circle.” To add weight to his theory he concluded that the losing contestants “…are influencers after all.” I understand the whole ‘show must go on’ mentality that is at play here. I also get the need for the contestants to utilise the ‘last chance saloon’ opportunity to promote their platforms, but despite all that it’s still…


A significant factor from the viewing audience perspective is that the contestants have charisma and style, presence and personality, and, obviously the necessary skill set required to be an influencer. These attributes are absolutely vital: if the viewer is going to ‘invest’ in those taking part, then the contestants need to have the likability and watchability factor. All six of them ARE very likeable and all six ARE very watchable.

No, the contestants ain’t as diverse as they could’ve been, but they ARE worthy of an investment of your eyes, ears and time. Anyone who is remotely interested in beauty & makeup will enjoy this series of Instant Influencer (and the next for that matter). OK, so the show needs a tweak here and there: yeah, it’ll make you cringe in places, OMG the eliminations are damn dramatic and James might not be your favourite beauty guru, BUT he does know his shit! I rate Instant Influencer, am lovin the ride and I’d recommend the show to both beauty and non beauty adicts alike, cos everyone should

“…follow all of the contestants’ journeys … especially the [eventual] winner … they are an incredibly talented individual.”

James Charles during an interview with Insider
The flawless and beautiful Paris, James & Norvina – Episode One
Image: YouTube

Have you watched Instant Influencer? If so I’d really like to know what you think of James as the host/mentor? Do you like the contestants and what you think of the judges? What are your opinions of the show as a whole and which of the contestants domyou want to see crowned the winner. If you haven’t seen it yet, and/or don’t intend to, I’d still very much welcome your opinions too – I’d be especially interested to know why you haven’t watched it.

Thanks, as always, for taking time out of your day to join me in the blogosphere and read my post, I really do appreciate it. Don’t forget to drop your comments below, I cant wait to read them! If you enjoyed this post please like, follow and subscribe so you don’t miss any future posts. Also, when you subscribe you’ll also receive a FREE copy of EB Extra as a thank you. It’s my monthly publication with extra and exclusive news, reviews, top tips & other beauty content!

Until next time, take care

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Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored and all opinions expressed herein are my own. NONE of the links included in this post are affiliate links. All information derived from outside sources/research was correct at time of publication.

How to REALLY achieve younger looking skin: part two

Following on from stage one of my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE FACIAL, here’s your guide to smoother, plumper, super-moisturised, revitalised, texture and fine line reduced, silky soft and younger looking skin.

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The next and final stage you need to follow to get younger looking skin!
In stage one we prepped our skin, in STAGE TWO we’re going to lavish our skin with moisture
Image: Entirely Beauty

In my previous blog post I guided you through Stage One of my Ultimate Two Stage Facial and promised that I would introduce you to a fairly new KOREAN beauty trend that has, so far, pretty much slipped under the beauty radar. I learned about this trend in an article by Sable Yong of Allure Magazine and, thanks to Ms Yong, I’m obsessed!

K-beauty - leading the way in great skin care, whilst Allure makes sure you're up to date with the latest products and beauty trends.
I’m a huge fan of ALLURE ON LINE too – Check it out and have lots of Beauty Experts at your fingertips!
Images: Allure/Stock – Edited by Entirely Beauty

Have you ever wondered (and who hasn’t?) how Korean’s get flawless skin, why Korean skincare is so damn good, what glass skin actually is and how you can achieve Korean Glass Skin at home?


Well, you’re in the right place! In this post we’ll not only be covering our faces we’ll also be covering all this too:

  • What is the Korean Coating Method
  • How I’ve adapted The Korean Coating Method for DIY at home use
  • How to layer your face masks
  • The benefits of Korean Coating/Mask Layering
  • How Korean Coating can help with a range of skin problemsit’s in the layering!

Before we get stuck into layering those masks and the rest of Stage Two, there’s a couple of things YOU NEED TO DO. The first is to read and complete STAGE ONE of my Ultimate Two Stage Facial to prep your skin. The second is to subscribe to Entirely Beauty so that you don’t miss any future posts. πŸ˜‰ When you’ve subscribed to Enitrely Beauty you’ll receive a FREE copy of my monthly newsletter EB Xtra – which has tips and articles to keep you looking, and feeling, beautiful!

The road to my Ultimate Two Stage Facial has been an adventure: I’ve tried a variety of masks, products and tools before discovering which worked together the best and gave great results. I owe a debt of gratitude to Sable Yong and Allure, without them I wouldn’t have started out on the quest to begin with.

Having read that article (I recommend you read it too) I could immediately see several advantages of the concept of the Korean Coating Method and mask layering in general. Having long admired the Korean trend for Glass Skin I was, like Sable Yong, spurred on to find a way of replicating the fairly new Salon Treatment, that is The Coating Method, at home.

Hydrating & Moisturising your skin is paramount if you want to achieve (& maintain) Glass Skin. Drinking lots of water (yeah, earth shattering advice, right!) will help!

What is The Korean Coating Method?

Unlike ‘Multi-Masking’ where different masks are placed on specific areas of the face to target multiple problems, The Korean Coating Method works from a similar premise, but instead of placing various masks on problematic areas, the masks are layered on top of each other to cover your entire face.

Obviously, there is a little (lot!) more too it than that, but Sable’s article is so in-depth and brilliantly written, to give another explanation here would really be doing her (and you) a disservice. Besides, I’ve ‘borrowed’ from the principles of The Coating Method for my Ultimate Two Stage Facial, DIY, at home treat, not replicated it.

If you’re interested in Multi-masking see


Jake Jamie

on Instagram!

Psst: Jake has a range of masks in collab with Revolution & makes homemade masks too.

Why You Should Layer Up Those Face Masks

  • The (now social media/beauty community famous) Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine has layering elements and it’s purpose is to achieve and maintain GLASS SKIN!
  • As individual masks serve differing purposes, and skin concerns tend to be plural it makes sense to layer your masks to tackle your various skin issues and/or improve your skin generally
  • Masks will also ‘add’ to your skin – eg they can add extra hydration, clarification, heal the skin & much more
  • Mask layering, together with Stage One of my Ultimate Two Stage Facial will help you achieve younger looking skin
  • Combining masks will help you achieve and maintain lush, Korean, Glass Skin.
  • Korean’s not only have flawless skin, but it tends to be poreless too – my two stage facial helps reduce pores
  • Having completed Stage One and dermaplaned like a dude, your barrier free skin will literally drink in the combined goodness from layers of masks!
Fun to watch, BUT YesItsStillTori’s take on the ‘One Hundred (yes, one hundred!!!) Layers Of Face Mask YouTube Challenge is an excellent example of how NOT TO LAYER! πŸ˜‰

Your Guide to Stage Two

Step 1: Cleanser, Toner and a Serum

The last step in Stage One of my Ultimate Two Stage Facial had you exfoliating your skin. (Did you know that the majority of Koreans exfoliate every day?!) Now it’s time for another cleanse: having wet cleansed, dermaplaned and exfoliated, any liquid cleanser will suffice. I’m currently using Caudalie Micellar Water for this second cleanse. Next up is your favourite toner – for me that’s Pixi Skin Treats Glow Tonic. Follow this with a small amount of serum (I’m using Caudalie Vine [active] Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum at the moment) and then give your skin a few moments to enjoy these pre-layering steps and allow the serum to absorb.

Get your glow started before layering.


I get great, and glowing, results from the combo of Caudalie Micellar, Pixi Glow Tonic and the Caudalie Glow serum.

You can, of course, switch out my recommendations and use your favourite ‘Glowy’ skin care products.

Image: Entirely Beauty

TOP TIP: When selecting your masks for coating think about A) What masks have you tried, loved and got results from and B) What skin problems you want to tackle (see image below), then make your mask selections accordingly.

Thinks about your skin's problems and choose masks that will help combat them or add something  to your skin
Whatever your skin problems might be, there’s a mask out there that’ll help
Image: Entirely Beauty

Step Two: Make like an onion and get your beneficial layers on – it’s MASK TIME!

When you layer your masks, the order you apply them in IS important, as it helps your skin to absorb all the goodness and reap the benefits from each and every one. I apply an under eye masks BEFORE any of the face masks, not only will they help banish any laughter lines and brighten dark circles, but they’ll protect your delicate skin under eye area from the masks whilst giving you a guideline for your mask applications too.

Golden Eye

I got these Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks in my Fab Fit Fun Box and they work a treat!

Mask Layering – as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • Grab yourself a jar or tube of a soft/cream face mask you know works for you. I use high end and drug store cream masks, depending on my mood, and either works well. (Try Temple Spa’s Be Gentle if you’re feeling boujee or if you’re on a budget The Kale Face Mask* from Poundland takes some beating.) Apply a thin layer to your face and neck avoiding your eye masks and eye area in general.

*During my research for this blog post, I tried to check the availability of The Kale Face Mask. Whilst doing so I uncovered some very negative, but understandable, reviews of this product. It would seem that quite a few people had adverse reactions – including burning sensations, rashes and so on. I’ve used this mask lots of times and the coconut version too and haven’t had any problems. I decided to include the product as an example of how affordable masks work as well as higher end ones. Please do a patch test before using any products for the first time.

  • Choose either a good Clay or Mud Mask. Apply a slightly thicker layer of your chosen mask over the top of your cream mask, taking care not to disturb that previous layer too much -you’re not mixing a cake, you’re icing it! Sukin Clay Mask removes impurities, is affordable and layers well too. (For info on the Sukin Mask, & other products in this range see my Look Fantastic Haul)
  • Tuck it all in under a Sheet Mask! Choose a favourite Sheet Mask and carefully apply it over your layers of masks. I can’t recommend the Danielle Creations Peptide Sheet Masks enough, not only are they affordable but super boosting too. For a full review of these Peptide Sheet Masks go to my March Empties.
  • Finally, add your last ‘layer’ a re-useable silicone mask! You can manage without a Silicone Mask BUT your carefully placed, multi-layered masks might start to slip off your face without one. A silicone mask holds your masks firmly against your skin, stops the masks drying out, aids absorption (seriously, you can feel everything sinking into your skin) plus it helps with the next step too

Once you have your masks in place you can enjoy a little time out; for the timing of ‘your time out’ take your lead from the ‘leave on’ directions on each masks’ packaging and use an average of the stated times as your guide.

Step 3 – Rollin, Rollin, Rollin!

I use a Jade Roller to help ‘press and roll’ the goodness from my selected, layered masks into my skin. A five minute session with a good roller will also help to reduce puffiness and fine lines too. You can skip this step, but for me, it does seem to make a difference, plus it’s sooooo relaxing.

Thought I’d roll out my review of the Jade Roller I use at this point

Step Four: The unmasking and reveal

  • Once your mask time is up, remove the silicone mask. Set it to one side as it’ll need washing: just rinse it in warm water, let it air dry and it’ll be good to go next time.
  • Remove the sheet maskdon’t waste that precious serum though – fold the mask and massage over your neck and dΓ©colletage to give these areas a treat
  • Massage whatever is left of your soft and clay or mud mask into your skin for a few moments. If necessary (and this will depend on the masks you selected) gently rinse your skin with warm water and pat dry.

Step 5 – Added Vitamins with a post-mask serum!

(If you’d rather not splash out on this serum, either replace it with the serum of your choice OR skip to the next step)

I was lucky enough to discover this fabulous vitamin serum through a subscription box & have been using it ever since.

This lush Mudmasky serum isn’t cheap, but you only need a little and I swear you can actually feel this stuff working magic on your skin! Simple to use – to give your skin a vit-boost – just massage into the skin and admire the results!

Step 6 -Let’s use a gadget!

(If you don’t have this gizmo and don’t want to buy it, either use another facial massager OR skip to the next step)

I received my reVive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle And Anti-aging Light device in my spring FabFitFun box and am still testing it out, but I do like the gentle warming sensation it gives and it does seem to help the MudMasky Serum sink into my skin.

What’s more my skin seems to glow when I use it in contrast to when I don’t. It’s also a lovely addition to my Ultimate Two Stage Facial.

This handy gadget claims to stimulate collagen and elastin through it’s light multi-waves and in so doing it supposedly rejuvnegates the skin.

Step 7 – You’re in skin heaven

Actually there isn’t a step seven as such, but I didn’t want to waste a rhyme! At this point you can apply your usual day cream, or, if like me you do my Ultimate Two Stage Facial in the evening apply your night cream. At night I would suggest adding one or two drops of face oil: you can mix this into your night cream or simply warm a couple of drops in your hands and press it lightly onto your skin. I would also advise letting everything soak into your skin before going to bed (you don’t want your pillows to ‘reap the benefits’ of your time and products). If you do this facial in the day, allow at least a couple of hours before applying your makeup.

My selection of products for my  Ultimate Two Stage Facial.

And that, my lovelies, brings us to the end of my Ultimate Two Stage Facial and indeed this post. Hope you enjoyed it, that you’ll give it a try and love your skin (and the results) as much as I do. I’d also love it if you came back to Entirely Beauty to enjoy some more of my blog posts and hang out with me in the future.

If you haven’t already, please subscribe (and receive your FREE copy of EB Extra) and/or follow me here and on Social Media (all my links are listed below). Also please let me know what you think of this post – leave your comments below (I always reply and love reading them) or just hit that like. Thanks for taking time out your day and for reading. Until next time, take care.

πŸ’‹ Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

This post is not sponsored and none of the links are affiliated. I purchased all the products mentioned with my own money. All opinions are my own and are an honest reflection based on usage (most often over a prolonged period), and any recommendations are included because I think they are worth sharing.


How to REALLY achieve younger looking skin!

Your guide to smoother, plumper, super-moisturised, revitalised, texture and fine line reduced, silky soft and younger looking skin.

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Cher Turned Back Time in her song and, reportedly, via a little surgery. Marty McFly also got help from a Doc to travel back in time, and let’s be honest here, we’d all love to turn our skin-o-metres back a few clicks and enjoy younger looking, smoother skin! Unfortunately, I aint Simon Cowell, so I aint gonna make you star! Sans flux capacitor I can’t catapult you back to that glorious time when you loved your skin. BUT, I have developed and perfected a two stage combo of treatments that’ll improve your skin, give fantastic and immediate results and you can do it at home!

I call this combo my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE FACIAL! In this post we’re prepping our skin with stage one which includes:

  1. πŸ‘‰ The complete STAGE ONE ‘how to guide’
  2. πŸ‘‰ Product recommendations and links
  3. πŸ‘‰ Further and related reading
  4. πŸ‘‰ Further and related viewing
  5. πŸ‘‰ Other useful links
  6. πŸ‘‰ Links to my Social Media Platforms

My ultimate two stage facial is completely adaptable: either replicate it ‘as is’ or switch out my product recommendations and replace them with products you know will work on YOUR skin. Stage two is hot on the heels of this post: Subscribe to my blog to make sure you don’t miss it and, as a thank you for your support, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my monthly beauty newsletter – πŸ“° EB Xtra πŸ“° that (as the name suggests) has extra beauty tips, hints and features for you to enjoy!

Thanks for subscribing πŸ‘ your FREE copy of EB Xtra will be with you soon! Now, are you ready to be SHOOK? Ok, let’s get into the background and PREP STEPS of my NEW, ULTIMATE two stage facial and get you on the way to that younger looking skin I promised you!

Smoother, softer, less fine lines and wrinkles, plumped, silky skin can be yours if you follow my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE spa-esque FACIAL.
Top & Centre: STAGE ONE requirements. PLUS a SNEAK PEAK of products and gizmos we’ll be using in STAGE TWO
Photo: Entirely Beauty

STAGE ONE: The Prep Steps

DERMAPLANING – do it like a dude!

Yup – you read that right.


Trust me, this bit of advice is a dermaplaning game changer!

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is the removal of facial peach fuzz, dead skin cells and any other facial hair to reveal super smooth skin that not only absorbs skin care products much more readily (as fuzz, dead skin cells and facial hair all act as product barriers) but you’ll notice that your makeup will look so much better on your dermaplaned skin too.

Take a LπŸ‘€K at


take on


These two, key benefits are the reasons why dermaplaning became popular in salons and spa’s, videos exploded on YouTube, beauty features about dermaplaning popped in magazines, and it continues to be increasingly popular with the world and her wife.

If you haven’t watched any of Sam’s beauty content videos you really should! She’s incredibly talented, inspirational, dedicated and fun to watch. Here she’s dermaplaning and providing a few giggles too!

During a Salon/Spa dermaplane treatment a surgical grade blade is gently scraped across every area of your clean and dry face, to plane (shave) the dermis (skin) – hence the name dermaplane. Prices for this vary in salons geographically and sometimes include another treatment.

A professional In-Salon Dermaplane Treatment costs

πŸ’· Β£60 πŸ’·

Based on average of researched & regional, UK price comparisons

However, it’s relatively easy, (but slightly scary, after all you are taking a blade to your face) to DIY DERMAPLANE, with the aid of an eyebrow razor, so many do go for the at home option.

I’ve used the ‘eyebrow razor’ method many times and loved the eventual results but I’m so over it! Its a bit harsh even for my normal skin type: At best it caused areas of redness on my skin, at worst I suffered irritation and/or inflammation of the skin for a day or so after each session and there’s that risk of cutting or nicking the skin too.

Dermaplaning has many benefits if you 'do it like a dude'.
You only have one face – if you want to REALLY care for your skin, and who doesn’t, ditch the eyebrow razor!

A word of warning

This traditional DIY dermaplane may result in the need for post-planing ‘down time’ as your skin can become super-sensitive to products such as cleanser and toner. This means that you have to wait for your skin to calm down after dermaplaning with an eyebrow razor, before using your skin care products. So, having acheived smooth, soft skin that’s capable of drinking in products, you’re unable to apply them right away, which is kinda frustrating-right?

It was these frustrating issues with dermaplaning that led to my quest for a kinder way of achieving that dolphin smoothness

After trying various tools and differing methods, I finally found a way to dermaplane that won’t irritate your skin, doesn’t cause redness, is safer, easier AND allows skin care to be applied immediately, which is a huge bonus for your skin. In my search for the perfect dermaplane method I found The Holy Grail, and it’s simply to “do it like a dude!

Top Tip: Invest in a good razor and shaving products, then shave your way to a smoother, barrier-free face!

My Dermaplane ‘Do’ List:

  • Do remove ALL traces of makeup/skincare before hand.
  • Do a pre-dermaplane wet cleanse; Dr. Botanicals Pomegrante (Po) Superfood Regenerating Cleansing Bar is excellent for this. Use like a soap, rub the creamy lather all over your wet face, rinse and you’ll find it’ll leave your skin squeaky clean and feeling moisturised too.
  • Do use a pre-shave scrub! A good, pre-shave scrub will prep the peach fuzz and any facial hair, making it so much easier to remove. I use Friction Free Pre-Shave Scrub; it smells unbelievable, your skin feels lush and it definitely makes for easier shaving. Simply massage a small amount onto wet skin, all over your face and neck (avoid your eyes!), then rinse clean with warm water.
  • Do use a shaving cream. A shaving cream is much kinder to the skin than soap, hair conditioner or bae’s shaving foam. Because they work better in unison and it’s brilliant, I use Friction Free Shave Cream: It’ll make your shave is as smooth as glass whilst conditioning and caring for your skin. Work a small amount over wet skin, all over your face, including don’t your forehead and neck.
  • Do use a GOOD QUALITY razor and change theblade reguarly! You’ll achieve a super-close shave and your dermaplaning is much less likely to end in a nicked/cut distaster! What’s more a good razor will glide without dragging the skin, and will remove everything in its path!
  • Do start on the neck and shave upward in one continuous stroke, where possible, toward the orbital bone. Take each stroke slowly, be gentle and hold the skin slightly taut with your free hand to enable a smoother, closer shave. Once you have completed the upward strokes, all over your neck, jaw and cheek area, shave your forehead by making side to side stokes. Next focus on the upper lip and nose using a downward glide.
  • Do rinse the razor after each stroke to remove the cream and any debris/hairs/fuzz. Feel your skin with your fingertips, again stroking upward, if you’ve missed a spot you’ll feel it. Finally rinse your face with warm water and appreciate the glass smoothness you’ve now achieved.
  • Do pat the skin dry as opposed to rubbing, you don’t want to towel-burn your now beautifully smooth, dolphinesque skin!
  • Do apply a post-shave balm all over the face, as this prevents any inflamtion occurring by soothing the skin. As a bonus a balm will nourish, protect and soften your skin too. I’m obsessed with Friction Free Post Shave balm; it’s lush, lightweight and does a great job. Contrary to the instructions, however, I massage it all over my face, leave it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.
A NEW way to dermaplane your way to smooth, soft skin, easily and safely at home, that's also better for the environment!
I’ve yet to find a closer, kinder or more effective way to dermaplane: FFS products are, in my opinion, the bomb!
Image: Entirely Beauty

My Dermaplane ‘Don’t’ list:

  • Don’t be scared! Seriously, try a wet dermaplane with products, if you’ve tried the ‘eyebrow razor method’ you’ll notice a huge difference.
  • Don’t be tempted to use a plastic, disposable razor on your face – they’re not kind to your skin or the environment – See link.
  • Don’t try skipping steps; the results will not be as good.
  • Don’t forget to change your blade regularly; if you use an old blade it could be harbouring bacteria, be more likely to cut or nick the skin and won’t give you that dolphin smoothness! A good rule of thumb is to change the blade after 2 to 3 dermaplane sessions.
  • Don’t overdo the dermaplaning; Unlike Salon dermaplaning (which is recommended as a once every four to six weeks treatment) I’ve found that my skin can handle my ultimate two stage facial once a week (Yes, I am obsessed 🀣). How often you do this will depend on your skin, try once every two weeks to begin with.
  • Don’t use bae’s razor or products; they’re designed specifically for men and their skin’s needs. Besides, guys tend to be as territorial about their shaving products as us girls are about our makeup! πŸ˜‰
  • Don’t forget to share this post on your social media. And/or reblog it – your gal pals will thank you! 😘

The final step for Stage One:

For added smoothness, brightness and that feel good factor gently exfoliate your face with a good scrub.

I recommend Nip & Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix.

It gives the skin an extra polish and boost, smells wonderful and is affordable too!

Simply apply a small amount of this wonderful Glycolic Scrub Fix to your damp skin and massage away, avoiding the eye area, rinse with warm water and pat dry.

You’re now ready for the next and last stage of my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE FACIAL!

Just lightly run a finger tip over your face at this stage and relish that smoothness. Check your complexion in the mirror – Hot Damn! You can see the difference – right? Notice how great your skin feels having completed stage one. Believe me it’ll feel even more fantastic, it’ll improve further when we feed and nourish your silky, barrier-free skin in STAGE TWO. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, so you don’t miss THAT upload and to receive your FREE copy of πŸ“° EB Extra πŸ“° too!

Image: Entirely Beauty

Obviously, Stages One and Two compliment and enhance each other, and are meant to be done together as one complete treatment. So in STAGE TWO I’ll introduce you to a fairly new, Korean skincare technique that has, so far, slipped under the beauty radar. I’ll be giving you a step by step guide to my simplified take on this, so you can experience its phenomenal benefits at home, complete my ULTIMATE TWO STAGE FACIAL and enjoy younger and fresher looking skin!

TOP TIP: If you can’t wait for Stage Two of my Ultimate Two Stage Facial, then go ahead and try Stage One, but please use a good sunscreen, with a high SPF, after the final step to prevent your naked skin from becoming sun damaged.

And that brings us to the end of this post; if you enjoyed it please hit the like button as this helps me decide what to write and upload for you in the future.

Have you tried dermaplaning? If so, did you go the DIY route or visit a salon? What are your experiences of dermaplaning? Are you excited to give stage one of my ultimate two stage facial a try right now? Or are you going to (perhaps not so patiently) wait to stage two? Whatever your thoughts and experiences please share them in the comments below, thank you.

Thanks also for reading, I hope you found this post to be a helpful introduction and practical guide to achieving super, glass-like skin by dermaplaning like a dude, and that you’re looking forward to taking your skin to the next level, the next time.

Until then, take care.

πŸ’‹ Entirely Beauty πŸ’‹

Spotlight on Subscription Boxes: Latest in Beauty

Everything you need to know about Latest In Beauty, plus the unboxing, my first impressions of the products and a review of the service.

NEW content is added to Entirely Beauty every Wednesday and Saturday

The 'Latest In Beauty' subscription box - an example of what could be in the box.
To discover what was in my first box read on …
Image: Entirely Beauty

Hey, hi and hello, welcome to my blog if you’re new, and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! As promised in my last Spotlight on Subscription Boxes, I have another ‘NEW to me’ beauty sub box to share with you. Before I get into the unboxing and first impressions of the products in my first box, I’ll give you all the info you need to help decide if this box fits your needs and budget. This will be followed by the individual product information and, as always, I’ll include relevant links. So, ladles and jellyspoons, without further ado, let me introduce you to Latest in Beauty, a monthly subscription service with a difference!

With Latest in Beauty the choice is yours!

What sets LiB apart from other beauty sub boxes is CHOICE! Not only can you choose ALL the products you’ll receive in your box from the LiB curated selection of beauty treats, but you can also opt for a 3 product (Β£9 per month), 6 product (Β£15 per month) or 9 product (Β£18 per month) subscription all with FREE delivery. You can cancel your subscription at anytime and can change your subscription too: if, for example, you choose the six product option but the following month you want to drop to 3 products you can. You can also buy a ‘one off’ box of 3 (Β£16), 6 (Β£22) or 9 (Β£25) products, as a try out without subscribing, but you do pay p & p on ‘one offs’.

The LiB/brand collab – collection boxes

As well as the monthly subscription box LiB also offer the ‘Collection Boxes’: these are the result of LiB collabs with various and well known beauty brands: they’re one off boxes, usually good value, but you don’t get to choose the contents, they are pre-selected and the same for all customers. The prices of these collection boxes varies but they start from around Β£20. You’re not, even as an LiB subscriber, under any obligation to buy these collection boxes, that choice is also yours.

My Latest In Beauty Inside Track

  • My Subscription: 9 Products – Β£18
  • Order Date: 13th March
  • Box Recieved: 19th March
  • March Box: The Glow Down Edit
  • FREE GIFT: Large, zippered, black, fabric makeup bag with the Latest In Beauty logo
  • Voucher: Β£10 Off any booking over Β£35 made with Spabreaks using code LIB-CJRCK

Given the extensive choice there isn’t a card, leaflet or magazine in the box giving product information or detailing what each item is worth. There are brief product descriptions of each available product on the LiB website, but no indications of prices there either. I have price checked each item, included them and the total value of my box.

What’s In The Box

Pixi Glow Tonic

100 ml

The Lib Haul of Fame Product for March

Worth Β£10

I’ve been wanting to try Pixi Glow Tonic for a while so I was thrilled to discover it was available from LiB. Pixi bill it as being a miracle working toner that’ll brighten and give a healthy glow – sounds wonderful, looking forward to getting my glow on!

Klorane Dry Shampoo

with Oat Milk


Worth Β£8

I don’t know about you, but I get through a shed ton of dry shampoo and I hadn’t come across this brand before so I’m excited to give Klorane Dry Shampoo a go. It apparently extends the life of your blow dry, restores freshness and volumised.

Skin Chemist London

Rose Quartz Youth Defence Lip Plump


Worth Β£19.99

I have to level with you here: I am yet to find a lip plumper that actually works, so the Rose Quartz Lip Plump is my ‘Devil’s Advocate’ choice! Can be used alone or under lipstick, tingles slightly and has the usual menthol, minty fragrance that is synonymous with lip plumpers

NKD SKN Gradual Glow 50ml (Sample Size) Worth Β£2

I’ve used this before and had great results, so this was a ‘re-purchase’ pick. I thought this NKD SKN Gradual Glow was full size, my bad; there is enough product here for a couple or three uses, so I’m pleased I added it to my LiB box.

Mum & You Hand Cream 75ml Worth Β£8.99

This was my ‘basic needs’ pick: I like to have a few handcreams to (oh dear) erm . . .hand. As we have all (hopefully) increased the frequency of hand washing, no doubt the sale of hand creams will have gone up. Mum & You handcream is rich, conditioning and helps protect against both washing and the elements!

Sport FX

Detangling Hair Brush

Worth Β£4.99

I selected the Sport FX Detangling Brush to replace my Tangle Teaser which I unfortunately lost. This can be used on both wet and dry hair and has a user friendly ergonomic design and is compact too.

Sport FX

Body Build Dry Shampoo



Worth Β£2.99

This will be sooo useful when (and if) the weather warms up, as Sports FX Dry Shampoo it removes any sweat, cleans, freshness and volumised too – a great all rounder then, hopefully.

The Vintage Cosmetics Company

Duo Pencil Sharpener

Worth Β£4.99

Can we take a moment to admire the pretty packaging of this Vintage Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener. The packaging drew me to this pink polka dot sharpener. It keeps the shavings safe, accommodates jumbo pencils and also includes a little cleaning stick. One downpoint, there is a code on the reverse of the packaging to receive a free pair of tweezers when you spend Β£10 on line, sounds fab – right? Unfortunately, that offer ended on the 31st January 2017 – which is hardly the LATEST in Beauty, is it?

Oh K

3 Step Anti-Polution Marine Algae Sheet Mask

(With Cleanser and Serum)

Worth Β£7

I can’t resist a good face mask and I’ve yet to find an Oh K! Mask I haven’t totally loved, so this was an easy to choose addition to my box! This one locks in moisture to neutralise the effects of pollution and can be used daily.

TOTAL BOX VALUE: 🌟 £68.95 🌟

Am I impressed with my first Latest in Beauty Box? OMG YES! To be honest (as always) I hadn’t actually thought about the value of my box until I researched the prices whilst writing this review. I was, as a beauty bargain lover, surprised and pleased to learn that I managed to select nearly Β£70 Worth of products for just Β£18!

I love being able to choose my own products and alter my subscription, I also like the options afforded by the monthly collections. I didn’t, however, buy this month’s Sunday Times Award collection as when I got to the website all the ‘good stuff’ I wanted had already gone – it was obviously a popular edit!

I’m looking forward to putting my April Edit together and judging by what’s currently available I will be staying with the 9 product option. Overall, a great Sub box that puts the choice fully in your hands and offers the chance to really save some money too.

I love my Edit from LiB – what do you think of these products?
All Images: Entirely Beauty

Is the Latest In Beauty Box tempting you?

Thanks, as always, for reading, I hope this insight into Latest In Beauty helps you to decide whether or not it’s a box for you – please let me know if you are tempted, I love reading everyone’s comments and always reply. If you do succumb, please come back and share your selections!

Until next time, please stay safe

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March Empties

The beauty stuff I used up during March

This does not include any of my Project Pan (Shopped My Stash) picks for March – I’ll be covering my March makeup, hair and skincare SMS selections separately very soon!

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My very eclectic mix of empties from March
Sheet Masks to Bath Bombs, Serums to Health Drinks – I got through an eclectic mix of stuff in March!
Photo: Entirely Beauty

Hey, hi and hello! If you’re new – welcome to my beauty blog and if you’ve been here before – it’s great to have you back! I hope you’re all doing ok and staying safe. With so many of us on lockdown right now, I thought I’d share links to my previous ‘pamper’ posts (at the bottom of the page) cos I think we all need a bit of pampering right now, not to mention a time consuming distraction or two! I’ll also pop all product links in here too so you can get some more info – these links are not affiliated, this is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are, of course, my own and honest.

Today I’m going to be sharing my basket of general empties for March, and there are, surprisingly, quite a few of them, including the smallest product I’ve ever received in a subscription box, a perfume and a health drink. So, get yourself a beverage, a snack and get comfy and we’ll dive into my selection of empties from last month.

BioEffect EGF Serum

Introducing BioEffect EGF Serum: This tiny 3ml bottle of product was worth a staggering Β£30 (approx) Is it worth the coin?
This expensive little chap is supposed to improve the appearance of your skin
Image: Entirely Beauty

I recieved this in a sub box (I think it was Look Fantastic) and I had tried it, but hadn’t used it all up. Having found it again (yes, I lost it, but hey, when a bottle is smaller than your thumb, that’s not difficult!!) I decided to re-introduce to my skin and use it up. Despite it containing a growth factor, Hyaluronic acid and Icelandic water (???), it costing Β£50 for a 5ml Trial Size and BioEffect making some pretty big claims (see bioeffect.co.uk for more) I can honestly say if I’d paid for this I wouldn’t have been happy as I didn’t see any improvement in my skin. To be fair, however, BioEffect do state on their website that in trials it was used consistently for 2 months, but (and despite only needing 3 or 4 drops per application) I lacked sufficient product to trial it for that long. For me, not worth the coin.

Bumble & Zest Camomile Lavender Spirulina

A shot packed with super foods!
Wanna do shots?

Strictly speaking this isn’t a beauty product, but it was included in my Roccabox for March, it’s a shot packed full of super foods and it’s empty so I thought I’d include it anyway. As it contains half a lemon and Himalayan salt, I was expecting it to taste like snozcumber and to geurn BFG stylee after drinking it. Fortunately I was wrong, it actually tasted lovely – probably thanks to the Camomile and Lavender. This flavour is for calm and comfort, but there’s a range of flavours to choose from, each offering different benefits (for their full range visit the Bumblezest web site) and 20 x 60ml Bottles will cost Β£39.95. (about Β£1.99 a shot). They can also be diluted in 250ml water for a longer health promoting drink. Will I buy more – probably, the shot are a handy way of both drinking more water and injesting a number of superfoods too!

Bubble T Shower Gels

I lathered my way through both of these lush Bubble T bath and shower gels last month and there’s about two showers worth left in the one I’m using at the moment, but that’s ok cos my lovely jubbly bubbly buddies have already delivered my subscription for April. I love these gels! The Strawberry Macaroon had a deliciously sweet strawberry scent, that lingered beyond the bathroom and the Blueberry & Lime was fruitily sharp and refreshing. I highly recommend Bubble T lush products and the fantastic sub service too.

Sugarbearhair Hair Vitamin Gummies

Bear shaped, berry tasting vita in supplements.
It was great to receive these in my Roccabox Sub Box, it gave me a chance to try them out!
Image: Entirely Beauty

It’s been a hot minute since I took any kind of supplement and I gotta admit that I’m sceptical of the growing trend for expensive, gimmicky and supposedly ‘targeted’ supplements. Some are supposed to make your nails grow quicker and stronger, others claim to improve your skin from within, whilst these little blue bears are supposed to increase your hair’s growth and generally improve it’s strength. The dosage is two per day, which you chew (they do taste pretty good), the bottle contains 60 bears (1 months supply) and costs $29.99 (around Β£24). For more info visit Sugarbearhair

I took them, as directed, throughout March as I was truly intrigued to see whether there would be any noticeable difference in my hair. There was some improvement: My hair became less dry and brittle, and grew quite nicely. But therein lies the problem. Knowing that my hair had become dryer and more brittle, that those pesky spilt ends had returned/increased and because it wasn’t looking its best, I, as most folks would, have been taking extra care of it via shampoos, conditioners, masks & other ‘topical’ products throughout the winter months; I’ve also avoided using heat on my hair wherever possible. So, I can’t actually say it was the gummies that have helped.

Would I buy/take them on the regular? That’d be a big NO – they are too expensive, I didn’t experience any conclusive results and I doubt they do any more for hair than regular (much more affordable) vitamin supplements. I know some people swear by Sugarbearhair, but on the bear front, I think I’ll stick with my teddy.

Danielle Creations Lifting Face Sheet Mask

K-beauty is fabulous and this face mask was no exception
A Korean Beauty Facial Sheet Mask

This face mask was fabulous! I used it as part of a ‘coating routine’ (I’m planning to do a blog on ‘coating’ this really soon – everyone needs to try it – so look out for that one!) and it made my skin look and feel bloody fantastic! I love K-Beauty and I’m an avid sheet mask fan too, so this was right up my street. This is an easy to use, serum laden, peptide mask, that works wonders and is affordable (Β£2.50 each). I’ll definately be rebuying and there’s a range of Danielle masks to choose from (they can be purchased direct from Danielle Creations) so I’ll probably try some others too, hopefully they’re as good as this peptide, lifting one.

The Body Shop – White Musk EDT

I was really upset when I used this up, it’s hard to say farewell to an old friend, and White Musk has long been my fave fragrance. White Musk is The Body Shop‘s iconic fragrance, I usually buy the 100ml size (Β£24) but it’s also available in 30ml (Β£13) and 60ml (Β£18) sizes. It’s musk notes are sexy but not overbearingly so, it’s a light and long lasting fragrance, very feminine, flowery and perfect for everyday and special occassions alike. Currently I have a lot of perfumes in my collection, so as much as I love White Musk, I can’t, as much as I really want to, justify buying another right now, I need to work through the others first. Rest assured when I’ve emptied a few others White Musk will be making a much welcomed return to my fragrance fold.

Elysium Bath Bombs – Vanilla Sugar 3pk

Cheap and cheerful Bath Bombs, but they are great for relaxing!
Not the most expensive bath bombs in the world, but they offer a world of relaxation and fragrance.
Image: Entirely Beauty

I picked these up in a discount shop and I think they cost me a Β£1 (you can get them on line for around that too). Elysium Bath Bombs are available in a variety of fragrances, I got Vanilla Sugar, and the level of fragrance was spot on. The bombs fizzled nicely in the water, and made for a lovely, ‘soft’ and comfortable bath. In fact, for a cheap and cheerful product, they were the BOMB. (Sorry, that’s awful, sometimes I just can’t help myself.) If I see them when out shopping I’ll definitely grab another pack.

Oskia London – Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Is it a gel, is it an oil, is it a cleanser - no, it's Oskia and it's all three!
A beautiful cleansing gel for all skin types

I had the 35ml size of this lush cleanser, which retails for around Β£15, but it’s also available in a 100ml size for Β£35 (that’s great value for money and would last a while too) direct from Oskia London. I really enjoyed using this cleanser; it made my skin feel deeply cleansed, removed make up easily (yes, even stubborn waterproof mascara) and left my skin feeling fresh, smooth and super nourished.

The sweet and clean smelling pink gel is applied to dry skin, then it melts into a colourless oil. You then add water to emulsify the oil before removing it (together with all dirt and makeup) with warm water or a damp muslin cloth. I’d forgotten how good this cleanser was, and once I’ve used some of the other cleansers in my stash I will be buying this again. Love it!

Pretty Smooth – Wrinkle Care Sheet Masks

Two affordable sheet masks from Pretty Smooth in one handy pack!
A pack of two non-woven fabric sheet masks
Image: Entirely Beauty

Ok, these are not made of the same specially woven fabric as the other sheet mask in my March Empties, so they won’t hug the countours of your face in the way the Danielle Mask will, BUT they are cheaper (on Fab Finds they are currently only Β£1.20) and still do a good job. I’ve used these a few times; they are packed with Vitamin E and patchouli oil, which together work to reduce wrinkles and leave your skin moisturised and soft. These are great for an affordable midweek pamper and can be left on for up to 30 minutes.

Sukin Super Greens – detoxifying facial scrub

If you follow my blog (if not, what are you waiting for? 😁) or have been here before, you’ll know that Sukin products have featured a few times on Entirely Beauty and that I’m a bit fond of this wonderful A-beauty range. (For more details of the Sukin range and this Detoxifying Facial Scrub check out my November Shopped My Stash post).

The Sukin Austrialian skincare range is natural and affordable, they don’t contain any nasties, such as synthetic fragrance or silicones, they are cruelty free, vegan & carbon neutral, in fact it’s arguably A-Beauty at its best! This detox scrub is gentle enough to be used on the regular and will brighten and improve texture and is suitable for normal to dry skin. If you haven’t tried any of the Sukin range, I think you’re missing a trick – check out what A-Beauty products they have available by visiting Sukin on-line, you’ll be spoiled for choice and, given the quality, pleasantly surprised by their affordable prices!

Imperial Leather – Foam Burst Golden Amber & Coconut Oil Ultimate Moisture

I’m fairly sure this sample sized product (75ml) came as a free gift with Superdrug’s ‘Dare’ Quarterly Magazine (Β£3.50 – usually includes 5 freebies). The full size (200ml) is available from Boots for Β£4.33(the usual price is Β£6.49). Imperial leather claims that Foam Burst will give you 3 days of moisurisation and instantly softer smoother skin. Does it do what it says on the tin?

Well, I’m not too sure about the former, but it definitely delivers the latter! And it ain’t called ‘Foam Burst’for nothing either; you only need to dispense a little cos it grows (like that yellow expanding foam that builders use, only much nicer). The perfume of this one (there are others including a ‘No Drama Lama’ fragrance, don’t know why but that made me giggle) is super lush, not overly coconutty, but fresh and fragrant. Overall, I really liked it and even though it was only 75ml it lasted ages too.

Well, that’s my round up of empties for March, hope you enjoyed it, I’ve put the empties basket back in the corner ready to collect April’s empty product pots, bottles and sachets. As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot and please feel free to let me know what you thought of the products I’ve used up in the comments below. Have you used any of them, what did you think? Are you tempted to try any of the products or are they a pass for you? I’d love to know what you think. I hope you are staying positive and keeping well.

Until next time, take care.

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